5 Ways To Shift Your Mood…

5 Ways To Shift Your Mood

Do you ever have those days when you are a wee bit more irritable? You feel like a ticking bomb that doesn’t actually go off (or maybe it does), only to be saved by deep breathing every time you become present in the moment again. The slightest thing can set you off, something as small as your two-year-old asking for water for the 30th time. In those moments when you take yourself off of automatic pilot and are fully present, you realize that you are on the wrong frequency and need to make a shift stat so that the whole day isn’t ruined by a bad mood. It can be tough to shift yourself off of the negative frequency but here are a few suggestions that may help aside from deep breathing, meditation, prayer, etc.

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1) Turn on the radio and listen to some music

Nothing helps turn a bad mood into a good one like turning on some good tunes. I have young kids so we usually turn on the toddler station and sing away. It not only elevates my mood but my children’s moods as well.

2) Take off your socks and shoes, and walk around barefoot outside

There’s a lot of information out there about “earthing” and for me, it instantly helps to connect with the earth’s natural energy. It calms my angst and anxiety when they creep up into my life.

3) Take a timeout

When I am feeling overwhelmed in the day I will lock myself in the bathroom for a good five minutes for a little self-care. I do this at work and at home when I need to get a hold on how I’m feeling. If I’m at home I will wash my face or spend some time on my hair. If I’m at work, I will do some squats to lift my mood.

4) Take the time to prepare a nutritious meal

I’m not vegan but I’ve noticed that if I am having less patience than normal, anxiety, or feeling stressed out, and when I take the time to prepare a meal with lots of fresh veggies and fruit it quickly improves the aforementioned. There is definitely something to those high vibrational foods that give your mind, body, and soul the positive power that it needs.

5) Read inspiring quotes

If I don’t have the time to take five minutes for myself, or cook, or listen to music or earth then I will take a minute to read something inspiring. Every time I come across a quote online that resonates with me I save it and refer back to it as I need. Re-reading the quotes can help inspire and shift my mood in a positive direction. We all want to be happy but life happens and can be overwhelming at times. Our moods change and shift. The busyness of life often throws us into automatic pilot and we can get stuck in a negative rut.

However, once you are aware, and you are aware that you are aware, then take advantage. Get off that negative frequency, it doesn’t serve you or anyone else for that matter.


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