Seeking Independence: 5 Ways Solo Traveling Can Change Your Life…

Seeking Independence: 5 Ways Solo Traveling Can Change Your Life

Traveling alone can be a huge life-changing experience.

There comes a time in life when you simply need to say goodbye to everything and everyone you know and go on a self-discovering adventure. Sadly, a huge number of people can’t afford to do that, while others don’t feel the need to. Some read self-help books, while others seek therapy. But there’s another, effective and empowering way to learn independence and be your own person: solo traveling.

We’re constantly told to see things in pair: we go out with others, we go to lunch breaks with co-workers and when we’re alone, we text and chat and like and swipe, just to avoid being all by ourselves. However, being alone can be healing, too. Traveling solo has many benefits that can also become valuable life experiences. Here are some ways how solo-trips can help you be a whole new person.

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1) You’ll learn to value yourself and your time

Most people fear traveling alone because they’re afraid of unplanned circumstances. What if I get lost? What if I lose something? What if someone wants to trick me? Having another person can be more reassuring. Just knowing that someone is by your side can make you feel more relaxed. So it’s completely understandable why people prefer company while they travel.

Yet, it’s recommended to travel only with people you know really well, so you can be sure you’ll get along. Seeking company just so you’ll avoid being alone can be really stressful, especially if you don’t know the person you’re going with. But what if you can’t find anyone? Is it the end of your trip?

Being alone in an unknown place can be liberating. You’ll learn to value your time and do everything you want, without justifying your decisions to others.

2) Doing anything you want can be life-changing

In our daily lives, we tend to do a lot of things for others, simply because we have to. Our bosses, relatives, parents, partners — they all demand our attention and want everything done now that it’s difficult to say no and take some time for ourselves. If you’re one of these people, you definitely need a break, and going on a solo trip can be a perfect opportunity to do everything on your terms.

Feel like sleeping longer and skipping breakfast? Great! It can be emancipating when you don’t need to accommodate anyone’s wishes but your own, even for a few days. Remember that you are your own person and that your needs matter, too. Going somewhere where you can do whatever you want without being judged.

3) You’ll learn to take care of yourself

If you’re looking to become more self-reliant, there’s nothing better than boarding a plane, or a train, and going somewhere all by yourself. If you prefer driving, you can also travel by car. Actually, a spontaneous road trip can be as fun as any organized trip you book.

Also, traveling by yourself will teach you how to manage your money, find the most affordable restaurants and accommodations, and learn to save money on gas. Even if you start with a significant sum, you’ll still need to be economical if you want to have enough for the whole trip. Traveling by yourself can be a valuable way to learn independence and learn to rely on yourself.

4) Meeting new people is easier

In case you’re being shy and find it difficult to talk to others, traveling alone can help you be less timid and approach new people. If you ever find yourself in a hotel bar or a hostel common area, feel free to start a conversation, no matter how trivial it seems. Don’t be afraid to approach others, because they’re all there with the same reason: to get some rest, gain new experiences and meet new, interesting people. Of course, you shouldn’t spend time with people who bore you, but you also shouldn’t say no to possible new friendships.

5) You’ll become more flexible

Being exposed to new experiences and people can help you be more adaptable to changes. If you’re constantly surrounded by the same people, streets, and shops, you get too comfortable and a comfort zone is a great place, but it can hardly make you grow. If you dare to start a new adventure, you will also learn to expect the unexpected. You’ll be more organized and better prepared for everything that comes your way.

To conclude, being a solo traveler can help you be more independent and self-reliant. Instead of being in one place and waiting for your friends to change their mind, you can pack your bags and go on that trip by yourself. There will be hard moments, but remember that hard moments are there to make us grow and learn and help us improve.


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