Becoming A Scientist Of Your Own Emotions…

Becoming A Scientist Of Your Own Emotions

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We are always able to realize when all is not well with our emotions. Every emotion that tends to overwhelm us comes with appropriate advice for handling the same. When angry, we are advised to calm down, when sad, we are advised to go over it when we are frustrated we are advised to handle the frustration accordingly. Emotions are quite essential in day to day life as the effect on how we make decisions, experience the world, and build relationships with other people.

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What to do with emotions

It is essential to understand our emotions; they tend to determine the outcomes that are key to life. Emotional intelligence is, therefore, a critical aspect that defines a personal lifestyle. Studies show that emotionally intelligent people tend to be healthy psychologically, less anxious with little, or no depression. As a result, this drives them into making proper life decisions. It is, therefore, clear that emotional intelligence plays a vital role as a determinant of a person’s future dreams.

It is also essential to consider that emotions can drive us into making hasty judgments. Many people will always tend to make quick observations about others’ feelings just by looking at their facial appearance, behavior, or only their general appearance. It is advisable to be an emotional scientist rather than an emotional judge.

Becoming an emotional scientist

By emotional scientist, we mean an individual who inquires further into the nature of a person’s character, feeling, and appearance. On the other hand, an emotional judge is one who doesn’t seek to understand much about the person involved. It is also essential to understand and label our emotions accordingly. By following our feelings, then we have the chance to control them effectively.

Additionally, we can also regulate them. This brings about comfort through taming of negative thinking, negative emotions, and other factors that are likely to impose a negative impact on life. It is, therefore, a good practice to understand personal feelings as this helps in curbing and taming some of the negative emotions.

To control our emotions in the desired manner, we should have a proper distinction between emotional regulation and repression. Repression is a kind of emotional regulation. Emotional repression doesn’t seem helpful in some way as it majorly entails strategies, many strategies that are not healthy in handling emotions in the desired manner. But some strategies are useful and are geared towards better control of personal emotions. These include cognitive reappraisal, positive self-talk, and getting care from people we always aspire to have, among others.

Teaching emotional regulation among people helps each and every one of us to examine the usefulness and uselessness of the strategies employed in their personal lives to control emotions. It is through this that they will learn on the rightful paths that will bring about positive enhancement of how they can handle emotions.

Instead of final word

Becoming a scientist of personal emotions is quite essential in achieving many goals. One can, therefore, become a scientist of his feelings to be able to control and understand how to regulate different emotional aspects in life. With this ability, persons will not find themselves in various harmful practices that are driven by a sense of emotions.

It is, therefore, suitable and advisable to reach out to many people and advise them to develop a better sense of handling emotions by being a scientist of the feelings.


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