3 Stories To Remind You To Never Give Up

Sometimes we can be too far ahead of our time and sometimes it’s just plain persistence. But if our still small voice within is saying “Everything will work out” eventually it always does.

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It Takes a God Commitment

Take, for instance, a person I know who started a mind-body healing center 30 years ago. Long before the concept of mind-body healing really caught on. And of course he had a hard time, but he kept moving forward no matter what. And now he has a very successful mind-body spa in California. But most of all he had a great longing to make this work and he had a commitment to God, himself, and all of his family members. And it all paid off in the end.

“It’s all a spiritual process of never giving”

Eventually, They did Succeed

I have good friends, two brothers, that started out with a personalized tee shirt business. They were doing OK, but they were undercapitalized and so the business eventually went under. So they went to their father and he railed at them saying “I told you so”. And then they went to their mother who was very spiritual and she said: “Well, What Did You Learn?”. And thus they started another business and failed, and then another business and failed. Then they had a great idea to start an online student loan business. One brother worked on the new idea none stop almost day and night for 3 months… while the other made money to keep them both in cash while the new business got up and running. And eventually they did make it work and now they are millionaires. In total, they failed 6 times, but eventually, they had great success.

“They learned to listen to the positive spiritual influence in their life and eventually made their dream come true.”

He Never Gave Up

Then there is a good friend who had some hard times a 3 or 4 years… it was really tough. He lost his business, his mother passed away, they lost their family house, and much more. And he was out of work trying to make ends meet and help his kids through school. It was super hard until he was contacted to be a salesperson for a company. And a year later his dream job came along being a sales rep for a new alternative medicine product. But he never, ever, ever gave up. He would always listen to the still small voice within telling him that sooner or later things would get better.

“Listening to the Still Small Voice Within is So Important”

Keep Moving Forward

It would have been so easy for all these people to give up with the first try. That’s what most people do. But those who have a commitment, those who know deep down in their heart that sooner or later one of their ideas will work… God, the Universe, and Great Spirit will provide. It may take some time, but sooner or later everything will work out.


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