8 Ways To Get Rid Of ‘Excessive’ Thinking And Clear Your Mind…

8 Ways To Get Rid Of ‘Excessive’ Thinking And Clear Your Mind

Is it bad to think about something? From an early age, we hear the phrase, “Think first and then work!” So why would it be bad to think of? It’s actually rather good! But anything extra is really bad. Just like that, extra thinking also can lead to many problems. Excess thoughts can reduce your analytical power, increase mental pressure and cause you to fold yourself up. As a result, your daily life can become negative.

Here are 8 ways you can do to remove the extra thoughts and avoid a negative life.

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1) At the beginning of any change is the need to be aware

Before starting the process, you have to know when you think too much. Then ask yourself why you are thinking, what are you thinking about. How important is that thought? Does it even have any real significance? At that moment, awareness will serve as the seed of your change.

2) Think about what can be good

Fear is one of the most common reasons behind over-thinking. It’s from this fear that thoughts about bad things that could happen. In this way, you are gradually sticking out a trap for more thoughts. Stop doing that right now. Replace it by thinking of all that can be good and remove all the bad from your mind.

Once you think, you are constantly learning, gaining experience in life. This learning and experience are not only from good things but also bad things. And without the latter, the fulfillment of life never comes.

3) Do things that make you happy

It’s very useful to do yourself some good by enjoying your favorite things. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but for some reason you haven’t gotten around to it, then do it now. Meditating, dancing, learning to play a musical instrument, listening to songs, sewing, and drawing are examples of activities that help remove excessive thinking. When you enjoy the times and love life, you’ll see at one point that everything will start to feel good.

4) Take thoughts a little further

Thinking good without thinking bad about something is a very easy task. When you are thinking about something, imagine it in the next five years or next month. Then ask yourself, will the thing really give value in your life? If not, then why are you thinking so much about it?

5) Stop waiting for everything to be perfect

This is very important. Those who are still waiting for everything to be perfect, give up that hope. Having ambition is not something to blame, but at the same time, it is unrealistic to expect everything to be perfect. You are wasting time as long as you wait for everything to be perfect. Nothing in life is perfect. Rather, it’s the final success in life to go ahead overtaking all obstacles. So it can never be a wise decision.

6) Try to realize that the future is uncertain

None can say what is going to happen in the future. When you are thinking about what will happen or not happen, you are wasting the present time allotted for yourself. Again, spending time thinking of the mistakes you’ve done in the past is futile. Instead, make the present time a cause for your happiness and enjoyment.

7) Learn to accept your best

I am not good enough, not hard-working, not efficient, not fit – these are the words that put fear in everyone. When you are giving your best, also acknowledge that success depends mostly on some things you do not fully control. Many times, in the absence of the right people and environment, the best becomes the worst and the worst becomes the best. But even so, keep in mind that you have tried your best.

8) Be grateful

First of all, we should be thankful for our time on earth. Make a list of those to whom you are grateful after waking up each morning. Then start to express gratitude. Now make a list of the good jobs you did or things associated with a good job.

The rumination of good times does the mind good. Thus, if the mind gets better at the beginning of the day, you will see that the day will end well.


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