5 Mind Hacks To Reverse Your “I Can’t” Attitude…

5 Mind Hacks To Reverse Your “I Can’t” Attitude

We’ve all said them; those two little words of defeat that render us powerless to make a positive change: “I can’t.” It shuts us down mentally and sets us up for failure. We develop this mindset for a number of reasons. Maybe someone we respect made us feel inadequate, or we’ve failed at something similar in the past, and the fear of repeating that failure haunts us.

These moments we let define us don’t have to be a part of our true identity. And there are ways to overcome pessimism, fear, and the feeling of not being good enough. How can we reverse this toxic way of thinking, you ask? The next time you’re feeling defeated and start to mutter the words, “I can’t,” try these 5 simple mind hacks to cultivate a positive attitude and perspective:

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1) Focus On and Use Your Strengths

People who focus on and use their strengths on a daily basis are less likely to be anxious, worried, or sad, giving them a more positive, empowered outlook. Having confidence in yourself, your strengths, and your ability to succeed can play a key role in changing how you identify yourself and can translate over into other areas of your life.

2) Choose to Be Hopeful

Hope is a desire for a certain outcome and springs from secure attachments in childhood. It is also affiliated with better mental and physical health outcomes. Make a conscious effort to be hopeful, optimistic, and see the good in every situation, and that will soon become your default state of mind, leaving you with nothing but “I can” opportunities.

3) Choose to Be Resilient

A resilient person is able to adapt and respond in a healthy way to stress. Actively choose to not let criticism, fear, or failure get you down for long, and always choose to bounce back and try again after hardship. If you do, you’re much more likely to develop a healthy perspective and optimistic attitude.

4) Stay Mindful

People who are mindful are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and tend to have lower levels of chronic inflammation, which staves off other serious diseases. You should be mindful of and acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings, even if they are not so great. The sooner you can embrace how you feel and move past it instead of suppressing those thoughts and feelings, the sooner you will be able to develop a healthy outlook for whatever comes your way.

5) Engage in Positive Self-Talk

According to the Mayo Clinic, positive self-talk reduces stress and can even improve several aspects of well-being including increased lifespan, lower risk of depression and anxiety, greater resistance of the common cold, better cardiovascular health, and better-coping skills. By reducing your mental stress, you will be much better equipped to take on the world with a positive attitude. So the next time you seize up from fear and pessimism, use these 5 mental hacks to reverse your current way of thinking and set yourself up for success.


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