An Exercise For Removing Blocks To Abundance…

An Exercise For Removing Blocks To Abundance

Blocks to abundance are common in people who come to me, whether that be in their mindsets or energetically. Something is calling out for change and transmutation in the way they are thinking, living, or carrying themselves, as it relates to manifestation, sustenance, prosperity, and living out their highest destinies.

Abundance, or blocks thereof, can date back to a myriad of beliefs—ones we’ve picked up along the way, whether from society, our parents, friends, or the like. These powerful tools that I’ll share with you in this article can be used as one way—one permission slip—for changing your perception around money and abundance in all forms.

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Rethinking Abundance

The first task, from my perspective, is shifting our limiting mindset around what abundance really is. Many people think of this in limited terms, such as money only, or material needs only, asking for certain line items to be met and taken care of by the Universe. The truth is that abundance and sustenance come in all forms—money, synchronicities, gifts from other people, and the like. Expand these definitions now.

I love this idea that humans are the masters of limitations because it’s true—we are. We’ve all been there, limiting our thinking or placing disempowering beliefs on this, or limiting beliefs on that. When we expand these lines of thinking, strip ourselves of these disempowering beliefs, and replace these notions with, instead, empowering ones—we can then make the subtle shifts we need to call in for ourselves all things that are our birthright—all our material needs being met, money, food, shelter, inner peace, opportunities for growth, avenues to be of service, happiness, like-minded people, tribe, collaboration, co-creation, and so forth.

Looking at Money

The second shift, from my perspective, comes in the way that we are thinking about money and carrying ourselves surrounding this energy. In this way, it’s important to come to the realization that that’s all money really is—energy. As we now know, everything in the Universe and the visible world of matter we see with our eyes is actually energy. Science now backs this up and so we need not have faith, because instead, we have direct experience. And so that’s one of the next shifts we can make—that money is merely energy. That there is no money apart from us. There is no money apart from me. Using this framework, we can then engage in an exercise to help clear our subconscious or unconscious blocks surrounding abundance.

On Circulation

The third step in this offering is cultivating this idea of circulation. Now knowing, and embracing, that all money really is, is energy, allow this idea of circulation to grow within you. What I mean by this, is visualize money—or this energy of money—circulating as it changes hands from one person to another person. For example, at the grocery store, as the money leaves your hands, visualize how this money is now transmuting into a form or way to support the store clerk, helping to feed her family and clothe her children. Allow these feelings of gratitude to rise and cultivate within you as you give your money away.

This idea of circulation is important. You’re never losing money. It’s circulating. Just like energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, and in this way, either can money. Rather, it changes hands and merely circulates, from oneself to an other-self. This is a powerful shift in anyone’s mindset, to embody this circulation and feel these feelings of gratitude rise within you as you handle and offer money throughout your daily life.

As a final note and offering for this article, I share the following exercise: to both clear prior or past blocks around money and abundance, shifting your beliefs from disempowering ones to empowering ones, and calling in for yourself a change in your stance and thinking, for how you approach, handle, and live, with these energies.

The Exercise

Take a dollar bill from your wallet and sit in a quiet place, coming to a meditative state. Taking a few deep breaths in and out. Perhaps with a pen and paper by your side, or journal as well.

Hold the bill in your hand as you continue to breathe. Notice the first thoughts and judgments that arise in your mind as you hold this piece of energy in your hands.

What are the thoughts arising? How do you feel about this dollar bill? Do you feel like you never have enough? Do you feel like it’s always evading you? Do you feel uncomfortable holding it and having it?

Where in your body are these feelings arising? Continuing to breathe as you notice and witness what is coming up for you. Breathe into these spaces in your body that are holding this tight, uncomfortable feelings. Send extra breath and love/light, light/love energy to these places now.

Where are the blocks to receiving? What are the beliefs surrounding this piece of energy that you are holding, that are preventing you from living your fullest expression of all that is?

Do you have an age-old belief that money is the root of all evil? Many times these conflicting, contradictory beliefs are hidden within us. That we want or need to receive more abundance and yet we hold this belief that money is the root of much pain, suffering, disagreement, fighting, and so forth. Whether individually, societally, globally, and so forth. Invite yourself to resolve these conflicting beliefs now.

As you continue to breathe, holding this piece of energy in your hands, ask yourself and your inner guidance: how can I cultivate more opportunities for receiving? What does this picture look like? Allow your higher self to communicate with you in all ways—thoughts, numbers, symbologies, pictures, visions and the like.

What inspired action can I take next, to align with this frequency of free-flowing receipt of this powerful energy? To meet all of my needs and more. Reminding myself that there is more than enough to go around, for everyone and then some.

And as you continue to breathe, harnessing in these altered states of consciousness, affirm to yourself the following:

“Dear Universe, it’s [insert name]. I call on all guides, my higher self, and the forces of all that is. I ask for your help in manifesting and receiving more and more abundance in all areas of my life. I ask for your help in receiving more money, synchroncities, gifts from other people and the like. I ask for your help in clearing any blocks surrounding the same. I further ask for your help in replacing these negative beliefs with positive ones allowing me to cultivate a nest for myself in sustaining me to live out all that is in my best and highest good. Thank you for your help and guidance now. And so it is.”

And then continuing to affirm the following, as you continue with your breath, as well:

  • “I remove any and all blocks—subconscious, unconscious or otherwise—to abundance. I remove these now. And so it is.”
  • “I cancel and void any prior contracts I have made—whether unconsciously or consciously—relating to anything preventing me from receiving abundance, prosperity, money, and sustenance. I cancel and void these now. And so it is.”
  • “I release any and all negative beliefs—or those adversely affecting me—surrounding money and preventing me from receiving gracefully more and more abundance. I release these now. And so it is.”
  • “I reaffirm and replace these beliefs with positive ones. I reaffirm that I am divine, important, and worthy of receiving this powerful energy—abundance—in all of its forms: money, synchronicities, gifts, opportunities, ideas, and the like. I reaffirm these positive beliefs now. And so it is.”
  • “I commit to myself, and my higher self, that I open myself up to receiving this energy now and into the future, so that I may fully express myself and my unique co-creation of all that is. I make this commitment now. And so it is.”
  • “Thank you for this opportunity to shift my mindset and my beliefs around money, abundance, prosperity. Thank you for your help and guidance now. And so it is.”

With that, take a few cleansing deep breaths in and out. Relax into yourself knowing that you have made powerful shifts in the energetic and within your mindset, helping you to cultivate a new stance around this area in your life. Feel free to then Journal your experience for any processing or anything else coming up for you.

I hope this serves you!


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