6 Simple Techniques To Relieve Stress – The Natural Way…

6 Simple Techniques To Relieve Stress – The Natural Way

Taking care of yourself and your mental health is more important than ever in these trying times. Relaxation is key when it comes to being happy and effectively productive in one’s day to day life. In this article, I outline six simple techniques you can use to help relieve stress.

Stress has become a common issue for most people living in our world, and prescription drugs for relaxation are becoming all too common. As a modern society, we have come to take it for granted that stress is just a part of the hustle and bustle. A peaceful mind is something to strive for under all circumstances, but with so much going on, it certainly takes a little effort to attain peace naturally. Some circumstances are more benevolent than others, but dealing with unexpected, stressful events the right way is of utmost importance if one is to maintain a healthy life. Here, are six simple ways of how to relieve stress fast.

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1) Working out

One of the most effective ways to rid your body of excess stress is to get busy with physical activity. Whether you enjoy running, hiking, yoga, or swimming, any type of movement is known to leave you filled with feel-good hormones and feeling good as new. Anything stressful that might have happened throughout the day just falls into the background if you break a little sweat. Sometimes it is hard to believe how simple it is, but exercise relieves stress superbly. It is an incredible way to maintain your best possible mental health and become resilient to all kinds of disturbances. After rigorous exercise, one feels cathartically exhausted in the greatest of ways, and even the direst of insults lose their grip on getting to you.

2) Art therapy

Another incredible way to relieve stress and anxiety is engaging in creating art. Painting, sculpting, or play music is an incredibly fulfilling way to spend your time and leave the world behind you. It is commonly felt by artists, but time seems to disappear when you are deep into creating something and manage to reach a flow state. It is said that brainwaves change from beta to alpha, thus promoting deeper breathing, a more relaxed attitude, and a sense of elevated peace within. In case one experiences a traumatic or stressful event, through art, it can be objectified into a piece you create. Doing this can help get rid of the emotions associated with a negative event and symbolically works through them. What happens may be tricky to explain, but if you give it a try, I guarantee you will be amazed by the results!

3) Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises to relieve stress have been around for thousands of years. The stories of their effectiveness go a long way back, and could even be seen as legendary. The impressive tales range from Tibetans being able to endure freezing temperatures with breath control to common people having outright religious experiences through techniques such as Holotropic breathwork. In yoga, Pranayama is the art of using one’s breath to rid of mental blocks, toxins, and all kinds of stress. Tried and true through the ages, give it a try!

4) Quality time

Spending time with your family, loved ones, and pets can be great therapy. Self-help does not have to be complicated if you feel relaxed when spending time with your loved ones. If you have people in your life with whom you feel refreshed and relaxed, appreciate it and make the most of it. As the saying goes, our bones will lie in the grave for a long time, so give, receive, and savor all the comforts while you can.

5) Music

Music is something magical that can take one’s emotional state and turn it around in mere minutes. Closing off the outside world, turning off the lights, and going on an immersive deep dive of your favorite music are excellent ways to relieve stress. Great music should be appreciated for the transcendent experience it can provide us with, and nowadays, such great soul-medicine is just a few clicks away.

6) Massage

A massage is a fantastic stress reliever at all times. Whether you choose to go to a salon and treat yourself, or you make a self-massage – the effects are immediate. If you are keen on getting deeper into massage techniques, you could check out a few tutorials on Shiatsu massage. Online diagrams of bodily pressure points can be easily found and put to good use right away.

I hope I inspired you to take some time out and treat yourself to some quality time. Mental health is one of the most important things there is, and it should always be a top priority in one’s life. If you have any stress relief tips of your own, please comment them below!


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