Is Your Relationship Holding Back The Highest Form Of Synchronicity?…

Is Your Relationship Holding Back The Highest Form Of Synchronicity?

Have you ever felt a strong connection to someone else that you could not fully explain? Commonly many do not explore it because of another relationship in their life. A partner’s jealousy, paranoia or relationship ‘rules’ get in the way of allowing that connection to be explored. The connection can sometimes be mistaken for an inappropriate sexual intention. Although sexual energy could be present, I am referring to the stronger gravity-like pull that brings two people together purposefully as if guided by a higher power. It is distinctively different then lust.

In an age where morality appears to be a matter of opinion or religious affiliation, has to sense this subtle higher connection between oneself and another become a lost art? Weighed down by social labels and conformity, often these special moments go unnoticed, unacknowledged and dismissed.

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There is a special place for unborn synchronicities

Synchronicity is the undeniable effect of being guided by something unseen. It conforms to whatever label you want to put on it, but its fundamental purpose is to lead one to their destiny. The more you pay attention to it, the more it shows up. The deeper you allow it to go, the deeper it will take you.

In order to submit to a life of synchronistic value, one must surrender doubt. Trust is the key to the inner sanctums of universal wisdom. Without trust one will have much more difficulty with synchronicity. If you are in a traditional committed relationship, and you align to a synchronistic way of life, you know that every moment and interaction allows for an opportunity for the higher elements at work in our lives to coordinate massive and important things. If your partner feels a connection to another person could it be this force at work? What if you feel a connection to another person besides your partner?

How these personal and intimate situations play out in your life are obvious. Any number of combinations of scenarios could be put into this discussion. If you block the interaction from happening; exploring it deeper; if you allow insecurities or manmade rules to define your choices, these gravitational pulls to this other person will eventually fade away. However, the offering of synchronicity will continue to try to break into your defenses, but free will is always the default setting. Choice changes the timelines and these timelines always adjust accordingly.

Deeper connections can happen even outside a relationship

But, if it is one of those highly important things to the universal wisdom of things, it will continue to show up over and over until you allow it to happen. Maybe it’s just about having a conversation, and we’ve entangled and complicated it. Or perhaps we have projected our sexual perspectives onto a non-sexual moment. Or maybe the biological sexual energy is there, and for as long as humans have been alive in the cosmos, gravity for procreation is a powerful and undeniable force. None of us would be here now without it.

How many souls await reincarnation? Powerful sexual union is an esoteric and natural way of life. Far too often we fear entanglement and this is because we misunderstand the concept. Entanglement in physics allows telepathic happenings, psychic interactions and increases synchronicity.

Redefining how we connect to others, especially when we are in relationship with others, is necessary in our ever-evolving human stance. Being married as if it was the 1950’s really doesn’t cut it anymore in 2018, or does it? Today there are many new definitions to partnership, and a large amount of synchronistic magic is needed to rebalance so many imbalances challenging the human race at this time. Understanding how to navigate these fine lines, and special moments takes practice, skill, knowing yourself, and being partnered with someone who can see the bigger picture at work. Not such an easy thing to do in a now immersive digital age.

You are here to deepen your relations. To have synchronistic moments and to engage in deep connection with others. Do not sabotage yourself by limiting that connection. How do you know that person isn’t here to change your path completely for all the right reasons? Unless you allow the interaction to happen so you can see deeper into the meaning of the moment, you’ll never find out.

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