Why ‘Freedom’ Is An Illusion…

Why ‘Freedom’ Is An Illusion

We all want to feel free. Whether that’s roaming the globe, working as a digital nomad, having independence – or simply just choosing when we can have a yummy matcha latte and do some journaling in our local café, we all feel that longing not to be caged, and to be allowed to express ourselves to our infinite potential. Until very recently, I used to feel caged in a life I wasn’t feeling free in; and then, one day, I had a totally new experience of freedom, and where it really came from.

You see, freedom is already within. I used to think that it was something to strive for; that I needed fixing because I felt broken at times – as if I was the only one not able to make the choices in life that I wanted to make, stuck in the four walls of my little house. In fact, many years ago I bravely decided to travel the globe on an adventure to do just that; seeking out all the wellbeing tools and techniques I could – including yoga and meditation – to reclaim my life and find my own way. As it happened, whilst I was there, I did feel free – but when I returned I felt just as caged as I always had, and I returned to feeling restricted as normal.

You might think that this is because of something in the external. I did, too – until one day I heard something very different and awakened to what I now like to call the Transformational Truth of who we really are. You see, along my journey, I began to understand something deeper that completely changed how I felt about freedom and accessing it. Firstly, I heard that we are universally guided, and that life is always happening for us and that everything we need is within – which made a lot of sense. That’s not new information, though, right?

It also still felt there was something missing in my head. If we were so guided, and all we needed was already within us, why – a lot of the time – did I feel so caged, and so anxious at times? Why wasn’t I living my truth, following the magic that the universe offered? Well, I also heard something very important about the thought that provided this missing link…

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We are living in the feeling of our thinking

This amazing thing that transformed the way I saw everything was that we are always experiencing life through our thinking. Again, this feels like it isn’t new information, right? Because it is so simple.  But, when you hear it on a deeper level, it is also so profound that it changes everything. Let me explain more…

Moment to moment, we experience life via our thinking. Our thinking creates our feelings, and so everything that we feel comes entirely from the way we think about it. When we see this, we realize that our whole life experience comes from ourselves.  It really is an inside-out reality, and the answer really is within. 

Our thinking isn’t the truth

Not only this, but our thinking isn’t always true – and yet we tend to think it is! Therefore, our feelings, much of the time, come entirely from stuff that we have simply made up – and all of this sits right on top of the truth.

You see, the truth is that we really do have everything we already need within us. We just can’t see that all of the time because it is hiding! Underneath all of our thoughts and feelings is an innate, deep-down, all-knowing wisdom and connection to anything that we want. We are who we are before we thought we were who we were, as I like to say! 

We are already free

What this means for our freedom is that we are already free; we just don’t always see it. When I did see it, though, it changed everything – and the best thing is, that I didn’t have to do anything to access it. When I simply saw the truth of who we really are and how we really work in this way, everything unneeded began to drop away.

An anxious feeling? It was an anxious thought that wasn’t necessarily real. A longing to be free? It was trapped thinking, longing to be seen.  And seeing it is the gift that transforms.

Be here now: don’t change – let it unfold

These Transformational Truths themselves set us free from all of the thinking that we so often believe we are held by. We so often think that we need to do something in order to be happier, freer – or more of anything else, but the truth is, we are already anything we want to be. This isn’t to say that we need to ‘change’ our mindset, which is such common advice these days. What I saw more deeply along my journey is that we don’t need to do anything. Just as we don’t tell our heart to beat or our lungs to breathe, we don’t need to control our minds. These functions are inbuilt. Just as life lives us exactly as we are meant to be, our minds and our bodies do the same. There is nothing to do.

If that makes no sense when you are in the anxious feelings, or the trapped feelings, simply remember this: you can be with yourself exactly as you are, right now, in this moment. This will pass. Your true nature is freedom, you just can’t see it. But, for now, just be here with whatever shows up.

One day, you will see the truth – and there’s nothing for you to do to get there, other than continuing to see this deeper. I know it, because I have seen it myself. I have a felt experience of this, and as I journey again on my own adventure – currently in Bali, living my independent dream of jungle yoga and beautiful sunsets as I organize my Reconnect to Your Truth Retreats (something which life simply unfolded for me in front of my eyes) and mentor people in this wisdom. I see, more and more, that life magically supports us when we step into our truthful freedom. We can have whatever we want; we just need to see it.


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