4 Major Reasons Why Your Pet Is Feeling So Stressed Out Lately…

4 Major Reasons Why Your Pet Is Feeling So Stressed Out Lately

As pet owners, we all love our little furkids unconditionally and are willing to go to any length to make sure they stay healthy and joyous. When we bring a new pet to our home, it instantly becomes a permanent member of the family and uplifts the mood of everyone around them. Also, to make sure that they remain comfortable, we take as many precautions as possible, including frequent trips to the vet, maintaining a proper diet, walks to the park, etc.

When we feel ill, our pet will always stay by our side, waiting for its mommy or daddy to get well soon. It understands that we are going through some physical trouble and gives us the much-needed emotional support. Therefore, it’s only fair that we return the favor as well when it’s obvious that our beloved canine is going through some trouble as well.

Here are the 4 major reasons why your pet is either struggling emotionally or is in some form of stress.

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A new home or living surroundings

If you live in a rented apartment and thus have to love places often, it’s difficult to adjust to your new surroundings, and it’s no different for your poor pet either. Sometimes, our dog may find it difficult to adjust, even if the new place is filled with more amenities. They could be missing the rubbings of your old neighbor Billy, or simply don’t have that lush, large field to run around anymore. As an owner, you must allow your pet to examine these changes, by letting him off the leash and exploring the new places, and eventually, he’ll likely be all jolly again.

A new member being added to the family

Jealousy isn’t just a feeling experienced by humans, it’s well and truly prevalent among most species. Perhaps you’ve recently welcomed a new member into your homes and lives, which is why you’re naturally occupied all day taking care of your newborn. You may even scold your pet for barking or being chaotic around the baby, and that may cause him to feel ignored and therefore stress him out. For parents, the first few months of having a baby can be extremely tiresome and that may force you to ignore those old walks to the park with your pet like you used to, and most pets are smart enough to notice that change of habit. Similarly, bringing another pet may cause it to stress, since now he has to share his space, food, and mommy’s affection with another dog.

Hormonal changes

Just like how we suffer from emotional issues when going through our adolescent period, pets are much the same, however, instead of throwing tantrums or engaging in typical teenage fantasies, they start feeling stressed out. As they grow and the hormonal changes become overwhelming, only two outcomes are possible, either a) your pet becomes overly aggressive or b) feels completely zoned out and is not able to have fun anymore. Once again, the likelier outcome is that he/she eventually moves on from that phase, especially after a visit to the vet where he can get the requisite treatment done.

Poor nutrition

Sometimes, the simplest of things are the secret to your pet’s problems. The issue might simply be that your pet dog has eaten on one too many poor-quality, artificially produced snacks and his body can no longer cope with it. Therefore, it’s recommended that you buy the best quality items for your beloved mammal, and provide them with maximum care by shopping for the best quality of nutrition and other grooming accessories from the best Pet Care Shop in Singapore.


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