4 Reasons Why You Should Actively Pursue Beauty in Your Life…

4 Reasons Why You Should Actively Pursue Beauty in Your Life

Are you a hopeless romantic who is continuously drawn to beauty in this world? Do you travel many miles just to be close to the beauty of nature? Do you pursue arts? Do you strive to make your home beautiful?

Then you are pursuing beauty and chances are, you not perceived as logical or practical to people around you. Maybe sometimes even you question whether the pursuit of beauty is worthwhile or not. But even if we can’t put it in words, there is an important reason why a bouquet of roses are valued more than vegetables. There is  a reason why a diamond costs more than coal. Regardless of how pursuit of beauty is perceived, it is a fact that we do value beauty greatly. We value beauty not because of the pleasing sensations and enchanting experience that comes with it, but because beauty is a principle, a very important principle which governs life.

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Beauty is Order Arising Out of Chaos

In this universe, energy tends flow in very chaotic and unorganized way. The disorder always increases. Law of thermodynamics states that the randomness and chaos (entropy) tends to increase.

Still, through this chaotic energy, through this randomness, order emerges, almost like magic and that magic is beauty. The chaotic blistering weather gives rise to a perfectly symmetrical snowflake. Swamp filled with dirt gives rise to fragrant lotus flowers. Intense pressure on coal gives rise to brilliant diamonds. Formless, lusterless hydrogen gas comes together as a shining star. This phenomenon is beauty. Philosophy, science and the arts are pursuits of this phenomenon. Their approaches differ but the goal is the same: pursuit of order that arises out of chaos. If that is not the worthy pursuit, then what is?

Intelligence is the sense organ for perceiving beauty

Eyes perceive light and ears perceive sound. Perception of beauty, however, happens at a different level, at a higher level. Many species on this planet can sense light and sound but so few species can sense beauty. To perceive beauty a sense of order is needed. As evolved beings, we sense differences and we sense similarities. We see patterns and symmetry. We sense connection and relatedness between what we perceive. All these senses need to come together to perceive beauty. A sense of beauty is therefore found in highly evolved and intelligent beings. It is the essence of intelligence. If you want to sharpen your intellect, habit of seeing beauty greatly helps.

Consciousness Evolves to Experience More Beauty

The higher and more refined sense of order is what evolution is all about. The more clear your sensory perception is and more aligned it is with your intelligence, the more present you are and more conscious you get. The more conscious you get, the more beauty you are aware of. Consciousness does not evolve to ensure survival of species but consciousness evolves to sense more order out of chaos. In other words, consciousness evolves to perceive more beauty. And higher sense of order is what helps species survive. Beauty is, therefore, the motivator and goal of evolving consciousness.

Love is Beauty Recognizing Itself in Other

When beauty is perceived by your consciousness, it is because of the order and alignment of all of your conscious faculties. The intelligence and consciousness themselves are beautiful as they too are ordered arising out of chaos. The sense of connection and bond that love has, is because beauty within you resonated with beauty within other. Love is thus beauty recognizing itself in other. So my dear friend, order, intelligence, evolving consciousness and love, all the ideals of humanity are unified by beauty. That is how significant beauty is. So when creating beauty around you is your goal, let the significance of beauty fill you up with motivation and purpose.

Your pursuit of beauty is a beautiful pursuit. It is connected to the most primal impulse of this universe. Through this pursuit, the creator and the creation both turn into a work of art that is indistinguishable from each other.

Through you, universe wants to create more order and beauty. That is how significant your pursuit of beauty is!


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