The Real Reason You Procrastinate…

The Real Reason You Procrastinate

Procrastination wastes so much of your valuable energy and holds you back from success. It can cause serious problems in your relationships, career and even sabotage your dreams. Before you know it, opportunities will be lost, and you’re overcome with stress.

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What is Procrastination?

You might make up a million excuses about why you’re putting it off: you’re too busy, you don’t have enough time, or you don’t have enough information to move forward. Well, it’s not that you don’t have enough time, it’s that you don’t make time. It’s easy to find little things to keep yourself occupied like checking your email, Facebook, Instagram, browsing on YouTube, etc, but set those aside for when you’re done with what is actually important. Doubting your ability to complete the important task often results in procrastination and will hold you back from success. Never worry about doing something perfect, just worry about trying. The only way you can truly fail is if you don’t try at all. Set goals and intentions. You could crash and burn, but at least you tried.

Why you Procrastinate

Perhaps you fear success or the bigger workload that could come along with it. You will regret more of the things you didn’t do in life, than the things you did. I’ll guarantee that! Most often, people procrastinate because they don’t recognize the value of accomplishing a task, or have a task at hand that they don’t particularly enjoy doing. Just because a task doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean you should put it off. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can cross it off your list. It isn’t going to fly away on its own! This goes for important conversations too. Don’t put off on having those conversations that may be building up. How can we learn and grow without real conversations? Step up, let go of fear and have those challenging discussions. Ask yourself, “Am I showing up in my life?”

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

  • Set one goal to complete and hold yourself accountable for your actions, and just do it. Don’t make any excuses. Just complete the task when you said you would.
  • Give yourself added accountability by telling friends and co-workers about your plans to make sure you follow through. Asking for someone to hold you accountable is powerful. Why do you think so many people hire coaches?
  • Build slowly from one small step today to a larger project tomorrow. Keep setting small goals for yourself each day to build momentum so that you’re crossing things off your list. I too have things I don’t look forward to doing, but knowing they need to be done and avoiding them brings me anxiety and discomfort, so I usually get those big guys outta the way sooner than later!
  • Give yourself permission to fail! You can’t learn or succeed without making a few mistakes along the way. Don’t worry that something bad is going to happen. If you don’t succeed, you’ll learn from the experience.
  • Don’t let fear of failure or the need for perfection paralyze you. Take action. We can paralyze ourselves with the desire to be perfect before taking on big missions or goals so be mindful of how you might be holding yourself back.

It’s important to understand that procrastination isn’t holding you back, YOU are holding you back. Every time you procrastinate, you’re making a conscious decision to do other things instead of what needs to be accomplished. You’re making a choice. Just like choosing not to do it, you can choose TO DO IT.


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