3 Real-Life Lessons About Being Authentic…

3 Real-Life Lessons About Being Authentic

There are many instances in our lives where we feel self-doubt creeping in. This may occur because of what other people have said to us – such as our family and friends, or people who we are not that familiar with, including acquaintances. Even the most confident person can sometimes face feelings of anxiety, doubt, and frustration when surrounded by ideas and thoughts dictated to us by other people, making us question our fundamental beliefs in the first place. Have you ever been in this situation?

Here are three simple tips that can take the stress out of this situation, and get you back on track with your self-confidence, and remaining true to who you are.

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1) Acknowledge that you ultimately have power over your life

No matter what someone says or does, understand that your values, thoughts, and beliefs do not have to change. Remind yourself what led you to hold these beliefs in the first place – whether you do this mentally, through meditation, or by physically writing down and journaling your thoughts. Writing out your emotions and thoughts is extremely powerful and therapeutic. You may be surprised by revelations that come up as you do this! Remember that you are an individual. With that comes the freedom of thought, expression and holding views that align with your core being. These do not have to change for anyone or anything.

2) Keep an open mind

In today’s day and age, we are bombarded by many external factors that are influencing us, both consciously and subconsciously. These include messages sent to us by society, our parents, our friends, our colleagues, to name a few. It can be overwhelming when trying to subdue all these influences, while also attempting to reassert our own beliefs. Having an open mindset and being flexible means that we can filter opinions, and classify them as relevant or irrelevant. It allows us to observe these external influences as a neutral party, without it affecting our core beliefs. We can intuitively assess what serves our fundamental values, and then consciously decide whether we need to adopt new perspectives, which will align with our truth.

3) Feed your inner voice

As humans, we hold the innate power of intuition. It acts as a barometer and provides us with a sense of what is right or wrong, according to our values and beliefs. When you choose to rely on this inner guidance, outcomes may or may not occur according to what you expect. However, completely ignoring your intuition may sometimes lead to feelings of frustration, resentment or regret down the line.

To avoid any negative emotional blockages, trust yourself. Have faith in your inner wisdom, and in all the knowledge and experiences you have gained over the years. Any situation can be managed by harnessing your higher guidance, which will always serve you well.


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