A Radically New Way To Set Goals…

A Radically New Way To Set Goals

A few weeks ago, I was in line at the supermarket. It was one of those no-line-lines where you don’t really know where it begins or ends, and as there was a huge crowd and not many cashiers, two people wound up skipping me (unintentionally), which I found frustrating, as I hadn’t eaten in a few hours. So, I did what any disgruntled shopper would do, I huffed like a little girl throwing a tantrum, placed my basket on the floor, and walked out.

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Act According to Your Future Best Self

Shortly after leaving, it occurred to me that my behavior wasn’t the kindest, as someone else would be responsible for putting away my items. I realized that the best version of myself – perhaps a future me who’s more mature and wiser – wouldn’t have acted so childishly and impatient. At 34-years-old, I can picture myself five, ten, or even twenty years from now, and the more mature me accomplishes her goals, while also exhibiting kindness and patience.

You probably have a future version of yourself who you hope to one day become (perhaps one who is healthier, better organized, or who lives boldly and confidently), and it is that future you who is going to accomplish your goals. The trick is to make choices and respond to situations from that energy, as opposed to your current energy. Imagine the sort of person you’d like to become and decide what you can do today to adopt that mindset.

While it is most common to think about goals in terms of specifics, listing out your desired weight, the layout of your dream house, or the salary you would like to earn, this is a better way to approach goal-setting: thinking about the sort of person you’d like to become. Take time to reflect on how you are showing up in your life and really look at the places where you are not taking responsibility, complaining, or holding resentments. This is the first step to creating a life that you love.

Law of attraction doesn’t give you what you want; it gives you that which matches your vibration. So, if you hope to get a job at a company with friendly people who respect you and treat you kindly, you need to respect other people and treat them kindly. This requires a shift in focus; rather than considering all of the things you don’t have but want, consider the qualities you hope to cultivate within yourself. While possessions and promotions are nice, they are not the ultimate source of your joy. Once you get the house with the view, you’ll feel happy for a bit, but eventually, you’ll find new things to desire: bigger closets, a new car, or marble countertops.

Expand Your Consciousness

This is not to say that possessions are bad, or that you shouldn’t have a vision for your life; quite the contrary. It is in human nature to crave expansion, and we feel most alive when we are creating, inspired or working toward a vision. What I am saying is that what will bring you infinitely more joy than living in acquisition mode is the continual expansion of your consciousness, meaning, your willingness to step into higher-vibrating versions of yourself and letting go of behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that are not in alignment with that energy.

Here are some examples of how you might grow and cultivate the new you:

  • You learn how to accept and receive more love.
  • You learn to live from a place of confidence and boldness; instead of backing away from challenges or being shy, you embrace challenge and step out of your comfort zone.
  • You forgive your past and stop blaming your childhood for your present circumstances.
  • You learn how to focus on the positive, and you shift your thinking.
  • You recognize how you are self-sabotaging: creating financial debt, inviting unloving people and drama into your life, and procrastinating, and you learn how to take complete responsibility for your life.

As you evolve and a new you emerges – a you who is kinder, more intuitive, aligned, and willing to take responsibility, not only will your goals change, you will accomplish them sooner, as it is the higher-vibrating version of yourself can accomplish every dream you have with ease and grace.

Mindset Shift

So, what’s the process? Every morning, ask yourself:

  • What type of person would God/the Universe have me be?
  • What beliefs, thoughts, and habits can I let go of that would allow me to deepen into love and fulfill my true purpose?
  • What can I do today that would extend love, and how can I be of service?
  • How can I step into a bolder, more confident version of myself today?
  • How can I see things differently?

Your life will naturally change as a result of the personal growth work that you do. As you become the person you always wanted to be, embodying new qualities and responding to people and situations from a place of love and positivity, you will find that your life will shift, and you will meet your goals with ease and grace.


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Jessie Leon


Jessie Leon writes about mindfulness as well as dating on her blog rebelhippiesoul.com. Follow her on Instagram @rebelhippiesoul

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