The 4 Crucial Elements Of A Self-Aware Life…

The 4 Crucial Elements Of A Self-Aware Life

For someone to describe themselves as self-conscious is typically seen as a negative declaration. It is an announcement that some personal trait or attribute does not measure up to whatever abstract level of perfection resides in their mind. I would like to challenge that internal narrative and instead flip the script and advocate for each of us to be totally mindful and conscious of our true selves. What would that look like? To be conscious of ourselves? Self-aware?

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1) Authenticity

When standing in front of the mirror to see a reflection, it is not just you staring back. It is every comment and perception that anyone has ever bestowed upon you. In order to fully reach a place of being conscious of self, we must all strip away everything back to our authentic self. We must adopt a practice of purposeful attention. Take an internal stroll down the sidewalks of your heart and mind. Look into the windows of your soul. What motivates and inspires you? What lights passion’s fire? When do you feel the most energy and vitality?

Now, walk a little further where the light dims. What are the things (or people) who drain you? What stalls your momentum or slows down the progress? The journey to becoming self-aware only starts when we are able to be honest with ourselves about what makes us tick. Not what we’ve been told to feel, believe or embrace, but our true authentic self. Once this realization is allowed to take root in our lives, we can then move on to the next step.

2) Acknowledgment

It can be quite liberating to acknowledge who you are. This information is also quite helpful when moving on to make plans concerning your life. Decisions definitely require rational thought and reason, but it is wise to also allow your true conscious self to weigh in. Give yourself permission to trust gut instinct. It is vital that we all know who we are, what we believe in and why. We must be able to accurately articulate our positions and explain our reasoning. We do this not in an attempt to convince or defend, but simply to empower us as possessing self-wisdom.

For those still struggling with reaching a point of self-discovery, journaling can be a great tool. Taking notes each day on the good points, the bad ones, and the feelings associated with each can show you patterns and reveal truths you may have missed along the way. When you can truly acknowledge your passions and drive you are in a great position as the defender of your dreams. Never allow the criticism or skepticism of another to derail or detour the path you believe to be in line with your pursuits.

3) Application

Searching for a perfect recipe and buying all the ingredients does not put a gourmet meal on your table. There is work involved. Likewise, putting in the discovery time and recognizing your worth is only part of the process. You must apply what you have learned. Most people never get to this stage until they have experienced trauma; either a life-altering loss, heartbreak or another tragic event. Those moments force us to stop and take emotional inventory. What a blessing it is to have already done the homework before we become sidelined.

Once we have a real grasp on our conscious self we are in a better position to manage our feelings, mind, body, and behaviors. We can react with grace and humility. We can stand up for ourselves without drama or chaos. We can put into practice the skills we have developed. Being self-aware frees you from the fear of having to conform or please. That is not to say we still do not treat others kindly or wish to be good to those we love, but it does mean we trust our motives and our decisions and can move forward with peace.

4) Intentional living

Very little happens in this life by pure accident. One decision/event feeds into another and our days become a series of experiences. My challenge to you today is to intentionally choose your experiences. Be mindful and joyful for your current blessings and hopeful for the future ones. Never settle for simply being self-conscious, but strive for the beautiful quest of truly being conscious of your beautiful, accomplished and most worthy self.


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