10 Qualities That Get You Going When The Going Gets Tough…

10 Qualities That Get You Going When The Going Gets Tough

Circumstances arise in our lives when we are at bottlenecks. Adversity seizes us and difficulties stand in our way. Our road is blocked and the tunnel ahead is dark. So, the going gets TOUGH. In those moments what type of people move on forward and onward? What qualities do these people have? What is the secret that they become tough and the tough gets going?

Tough persons gather strength during tough times by cultivating these ten qualities:

  1. Faith
  2. Patience
  3. Gratitude
  4. Courage
  5. Intelligence
  6. Calm composure
  7. ‘Stand alone’ spirit
  8. ‘This too shall pass’ attitude
  9. Holding on to values
  10. Onward and forward

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I’m not just referring to faith in one’s self. You should also have unwavering steady faith on the supreme being, God, trusting that everything is only His will. Completely surrender to the divine, having faith that everything will turn out good. There is a difference between hope and faith. Hope says, “Everything may turn out well,” while faith says, “Everything will turn out well,” without any doubt.


During tough times we should have patience and perseverance with the right attitude. We should not complain. Tough people bear everything with a smile. When you smile at life, life smiles back at you. A seed grows into a tree flowering and bearing fruits, not in a wink of an eye but with patience over a period of time. A caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly with struggle and a little bit of patience.


During tough and difficult times, open your eyes and see the beautiful things God has given you and be thankful. Gratitude changes our perspective in life. Be thankful that God has given you challenges to strengthen you. During hard times, the foolish retreats while the wise rejoices.


During hard times, never feel weak and broken. Face every challenge with courage and be brave. Tough people are brave. They see every opportunity in failure. They never give up.


Fight back tough times with intelligence, not a power play. Intelligence is greater than force or power. Fight back with intelligence and grace. Take decisions with your head, not the heart.

Calm composure

Don’t worry. Don’t hurry. Keep your composure during tough times. A peaceful and calm mind is a very powerful source of energy

‘Stand alone’ spirit

Life’s struggles are to be dealt with alone. Each one has his own struggle and while it is good to take on help, being independent makes you stronger. When you don’t rely on others, you don’t get disheartened if someone refuses to help. The best spirit is “Ekla Cholore” of Rabindra Nath Tagore.

‘This too shall pass’ attitude

In Vedas, a poet says, “I am like the infinite blue sky. Clouds of different shades play and pass by. But I remain the same. The vast blue sky.” Joys and sorrows are part of life. Nothing is permanent. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and dawn comes after the darkest night. So, these tough times shall also pass. Keep this attitude alive.

Holding on to values

Tough times test a person’s character. Don’t give in to corruption and shortcut ways to success. Remember “Satya Meva Jayate”; the truth shall prevail.

Onward and forward

Never look back or retreat during tough times. Always move onward and forward. It is when everything seems lost that everything is gained.

Swami Vivekananda said, “Stop not ’till the goal is reached.” So don’t quit, as tough people don’t quit.


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