10 Principles To Help Your Find Courage…

10 Principles To Help Your Find Courage

Do you long to follow your own heart? Do you wish you had the courage to walk through those doubts and fears that stand between you and your dreams?

Over time, we often forget that the power to claim the life we choose exists within us. We often lose sight of our original, fearless self.

Here are ten spiritual principles designed to help you remember and restore your natural self-command. Allow them to remind you of what you already know is true and see how much easier it becomes to do what is true in the face of difficult moments. In no time at all, your anxious search for self-command will fade away as surely as shadows flee the midday sun.

Stop Seeing Yourself as Powerless

Realize the spiritual freedom you long for appears by itself once you stop agreeing to see yourself as powerless in the face of punishing thoughts and feelings!

Let Go of the Fear of What May be Ahead

You have the right to walk through this life without any fear of what may await you ahead.

Live in the Present Moment

Your original Self is already timeless and whole; any part of us that urges us to look for a bigger, better, or brighter sense of Self outside the present moment is both the seed of deception, as well as its bitter fruit, anxiety.

Minimize Thoughts That Imprison You

Anxious thoughts and feelings are not there to help us reach the promised land. Instead, they keep us a prisoner in the world of their empty promises. The courage to see the truth of this fact is the same as the courage we need to be free . . . to consciously walk away from these impostor powers.

Make Sure You Keep Good Interior Company

What we are now, and the kind of life we will come to know, is very much determined by the “interior” company we keep.

Don’t Consent to Staying Stuck in Negative States

Just as you can’t cage a lion in a child’s crib, no negative state can keep you its captive once you’ve seen it for what it really is—nothing without your consent.

Let Yourself Climb Out of the Rut for Good

The first step to releasing ourselves from any sense of being in a rut begins with seeing this truth: The real nature of what we call our “daily grind” is really just our own mind telling itself, over and over again, how much it wishes things would change.

Allow the Past to Remain Where it Belongs, Behind You

By reclaiming our attention—by bringing ourselves back into the present moment—we are released from our unconscious relationship with the past, putting its pain behind us, where it belongs.

Choose to Remember What YOU Want

It’s our right to remember what we want to remember, instead of what we are being given to remember!

Know You are Always Free to Change

The unimaginable reward of persisting through whatever stands in your way is the eventual—the inevitable—discovery of this fundamental truth: You are not only created to change, you are free to do so anytime you choose!


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