Preparing For Life After Lockdown…

Preparing For Life After Lockdown

As some countries are starting to prepare to lift the lockdown sanctions and some are slowly getting back to life as it was before, I urge you to take a minute and reflect on what you want to take with you out of this time of quarantine.

For many of us, it was quite horrific. Some lost their jobs, others their main source of income. Some of us lost loved ones, as others fell ill. We all lived in a time of uncertainty and fear, not knowing when it will end and how it will end. To be frank, it still hasn’t ended and many things remain unclear as guidelines on restricted life start to loosen. But, as many of us are survivalists, a lot of us had moments of silver linings during the lockdown:

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Silver linings in the pandemic

We connected with loved ones all around the globe. We found ways to reach out to people, be it via Zoom or phone, and longed to be connected to them. Many of us tightened bonds with those who we realized we wanted in our lives.

We also started appreciating little things, like spending time with others, meeting coworkers in pantries, going to grab a coffee, enjoying a beverage outdoors. I know I’ll never again enjoy eating in a restaurant as much as the first weeks when the lockdown is fully lifted. The whole experience of ordering a meal with a waiter just excites me.

A lot of us started new hobbies and tried things that challenged us, such as making bread or exercising more. We had time to become more creative and try out things in life we may have never taken the time to. I’m sure there are plenty of other things you have done in this time that have given you the opportunity to find a new version of you. Take this opportunity to hit a pause and reflect on your priorities and values in the life you have been leading. Otherwise it is a wasted lesson.

So how do you merge these two lives, the pre-lockdown and the post-lockdown life? How do you get the best of both worlds?

Living after the lockdown

I suggest for one, write down the things you have enjoyed during this time so you can get back to them later. Write down at least three things you took out of this lockdown. Something you learned or realized. Don’t overthink it, it will come to you naturally. It can be a memory, activity, or mindset. Whatever comes out, jolt it down.

Make a mental note that every time you do a certain activity, think back to lockdown. For example, if you had your birthday or anniversary during lockdown, take a mental note to acknowledge on each birthday that happens after, how strong you were for getting through this crazy time, and to think back on what you enjoyed about it. Set up a ritual of appreciation so you are forced to appreciate the freedoms we take for granted. For example each time you lock the door, take a deep breath, to appreciate not wearing a mask. Small acts of gratitude can do wonders for your overall health and well-being.

For some, it’s far from being over. But if we don’t see something positive in things that happen to us, we fail to learn from the experiences, and thus we stunt our growth. Try taking tough moments in life with you as a lesson or an experiment that is here to enrich your existence.


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