You Are A Powerful Creator Beyond Measure…

You Are A Powerful Creator Beyond Measure

One thing is for sure, we have no idea how powerful creators we are. You are indeed powerful beyond measure, as Marianne Williamson said. What you have in your life right now, you have created. Every thought with emotion, the words you speak, all have an energy frequency and attract to you experiences that match the frequency that you radiate. Let that sink in for a moment. Joseph Murphy said that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke, it takes you at your word, so be careful what you say. You are a walking co-creator of and with the Universe. You have the free will to choose what you create. Knowing this wakes us up to become present and take a look at what it is that we are creating.

It is true that your inner world reflects in your outer world. So it becomes really important to pay attention to what you are paying attention to.

What are the thoughts that you think all day?
What are the emotions you feel all day?
What are the words you say?
What are the actions you take?

Because these are the building blocks, the powers of creation. And this for you is either magic or a nightmare. It’s magic when you tune into the energy of abundance and surrender your visions to the universe to manifest. It’s a nightmare when your monkey-mind continues to draw your attention to what is not working, what is not there, what is not enough…in other words the absence of what you want. The thing is, it does not mean that because what you desire is not visible on the physical plan yet – the money is not in your bank account yet, there is not an email about the sale yet, there are not more clients wanting to work with you yet, that it hasn’t been created.

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The secret to manifestation

And that is the secret to manifestation. To believe and see with your mind and heart what you create and enjoy your creation with gratitude whether it shows up or not. In other words, enjoy the art of creation. When you visualize something with an elevated emotion and stay with that emotion, it becomes manifested very quickly. But the flipside of the coin is just as powerful when you think, feel and speak against it. Just as quickly you attract what you desire to you, you can repel it and attract the undesirable scenarios instead. The most important skill you can teach yourself is to not let your senses dictate your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, but rather your Inner Presence, your consciousness. And isn’t it fascinating that you access this all-loving consciousness that IS you, by BEING in the present moment? It comes down to either BEING in Alignment with your Soul and Source Energy or not.

Here are a few easy ways to get into alignment with that higher vibration frequency of what you are creating and welcome it in.

  • Consciously place your focus in the present moment and tune into your heart to access your Inner Presence. Just take a few deep breaths and follow your breath as it moves in and out of your body and then focus on your heart.
  • Listen to beautiful music. Our energy is like a musical tuning fork – music of high vibration moves us physically and if feels as if you are floating in space.
  • Notice abundance and beauty around you. Just look at it without commentary, just total awareness and the feeling of appreciation and gratitude.
  • Count what is working, notice the breadcrumbs the universe leaves to show it is listening to you, it feels you. By acknowledging these seemingly unimportant happenings and celebrating them, raises your vibration and the universe reciprocates by giving you more.
  • Refuse to entertain doubt, time pressures of the 3D world, other’s negative opinions and conversations, worst-case scenarios. When it shows up, see it for what it is, and then dismiss it as not relevant.


The main thing is to get ahead of the pulling-back of the negative old self, who wants to keep things familiar to keep you safe, and you do this by giving your body a different experience. The more you practice BEING who you really are who you want to become, the more you become that being. It’s like training a puppy to become house-trained. You want to take charge and claim back your Divine Inner Authority and not let your monkey-mind hi-jack your life, your business, your relationships, your health, any further. For whatever you want to create in your life, success is 90% energy frequency and 10% action.

Same for your business, career, relationships, health, and wealth.


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