4 Essential Elements To Complete Your Morning Routine…

4 Essential Elements To Complete Your Morning Routine

Each day presents unique opportunities and experiences. Some days, this is easy to remember. We jump out of bed, eager to the start of the day, and we embrace whatever adventures await us. Then there are other days. The pillow is too soft, and the snooze button is too tempting. We roll out of bed begrudgingly, thinking about how lovely it would be to bundle up under the covers instead of going to work. We think about all the tasks ahead, and our shoulders droop. We set the tone for the day each morning, which means each small decision matters. Small acts, after all, often lead to lasting results.

But there are four easy routines that can turn that story around and empower your mornings!

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1. Reach for H20

Drink water in the in the morning! This habit is simple but powerful. After a full night of sleep, the body is slightly dehydrated, so it craves H20. Water can also feel soothing in the morning. And you can turn this simple act into a morning meditation by drinking mindfully. Allow the water to wash away any worries or feelings of lethargy that might slow you down in the morning. Allow it to re-calibrate your mind as well as your body. Don’t just drink the water, savor it.

2. Breathe and Move

The silence of mornings pairs perfectly with a short but mindful yoga practice. Yoga gets you breathing deeply, and this breath does nourish your body. It gets the blood flowing, and much like water, this necessary element can be both soothing and energizing at the same time. A nice walk or some gentle aerobics can also offer similar benefits in the morning – just remember to breathe.

3. Veg up

Coffee is fabulous, but let’s face it … the stuff has limited nutritional value. What does have nutritional value? Fruit and veggies. With coffee alone, you might crash a few hours after you drink it. So, experiment with smoothies. Try a little almond milk, a touch of honey, a handful of blueberries (I don’t measure things, as you can tell), and a bunch of kale. Add a banana for sweetness. You’ll find the right recipe for you, and when you do, you’ll find that a nutrient-packed smoothie offers the benefits of coffee and more, only without the crash.

4. Affirm

Whatever it is that you are worried about, you can handle it! The day ahead is full of possibility. To remember the beauty in each moment can be difficult at times, but affirmations may help you remember. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that the day is beautiful. You are beautiful. Write at least three affirmations that will remind you of all you have to give and repeat them often. Everyone has different morning responsibilities, but once you find what best fuels you, a morning routine can be empowering. You may only have time to implement one or two of these suggestions, and that is just fine. starting small will get you far. Appreciate the day. It’s here just for you.


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