Positivity = Happiness And Negativity = Unhappiness…

Positivity = Happiness And Negativity = Unhappiness

Our thoughts and opinions shape the way we look at life. A person with positive thinking has an optimistic view of life and is therefore full of cheer and happiness. But when one sees with a negative opinion, whatever he sees, experiences or feels will be filled with criticism, anger and disappointment.

The saying “the glass can either be half full or half empty” is a perfect example to explain the way people have different perspectives.

Optimistic people will always see the glass as half full. They will see the obvious inconveniences in life but they won’t let these circumstances or situations bring them down, which allows them to be energetic and happy. Whereas pessimistic people will see the glass as half empty. They will see everything that is wrong in a situation and fixate on all the bad things. This brings a person down, his mood will be spoiled and he will be tired and grumpy.

Be Positive

People think that living in positivity is unrealistic and impractical. But it is not so. You should be aware of the situation and the problems that could arise BUT instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts that impair your problem-solving ability, you should instead think of ways to overcome your obstacles and be confident in your ability to succeed in doing so.

Good vibes is another word people use for positive thoughts. It is believed that thinking good thoughts creates good vibes. And good vibes attract many more good thoughts which lead to a happy life.

But once you’re under the gray cloud of negativity, everything you will see or experience will have some flaw that upsets you, taking you further and further away from feeling happy.

Param Pujya Dadashri has said “win over negativity with positivity”.

Think of negativity and positivity as two people – Negativity being the bad guy or villain, and positivity is the hero. Positivity gives people hope and faith. Negativity brings unhappiness, fear anxiety etc. Everyone has this hero and villain within them. It is in our hands to determine who wins and controls our life.

So let’s see how we can control the negative thoughts; or still better, convert them into positive thoughts

1. When you are surrounded by negativity, first thing you do is: write down on paper all your negative thoughts and feelings. This will help you feel a great relief. Next, beside each negative thought that you’ve written; try to jot down the positive points that counteract that negative point. Keep these positive points in your mind. And whenever you begin to think negative again, bring forth these positives that you yourself have noted.

2. Throughout the day, try to see the positive side of everything. Make a deliberate effort to appreciate good things. Say, you are facing some difficulty at work, which makes you think negatively about it, remind yourself of the positives of this job, how much you’ve learned from working here, how it has helped you grow, etc.

3. You attract what you send out. If you send out bad vibes filled with negativity, you will attract the same in return. Instead, think of happy things and more happy things will come to you.

4. Positive thoughts attract positive actions. So, work upon your thinking and the rest will be taken care of; maybe it may take a while but it will happen automatically.

5. Self-love. Negative thoughts regarding yourself are another form of negativity. It ruins your self-esteem and self-confidence which affects your life and the way you live it. Positive thoughts about oneself or constructive thoughts about self-improvement increase self-love. Always remember; when you have self-love, there is nothing in this world you cannot achieve.

So, live life with positivity for a week and see the change. Try it, You will surely experience happiness!!


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