Positive Perspectives And Mindfulness During COVID-19 Isolation…

Positive Perspectives And Mindfulness During COVID-19 Isolation


A year that for the majority, so far, has been filled with fear, feeling powerless, trapped and frustrated, all down to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Coronavirus disease. This recent outbreak is inescapable. It’s everywhere. It fills up breaking news spotlights, your social media feed, and for most of us, even in our own homes, as we have been instructed by the government to self-isolate.

This article is in no means trying to romanticize and glorify the world’s current situation. It is something that is serious and harming many individuals and their communities. Although we should stay grounded, we all should be hoping for this situation to be alleviated, and for broken families, communities, and people to heal.

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Many of us have been instructed to self-isolate, even receiving fines if we go outside that doesn’t meet the ‘essential’ requirements. This can leave us feeling trapped, fearful, and frustrated. Going outside is something that we used to do every day, like meeting friends, going to cafes, etc. Now, this has been taken away from us.

Although in the UK, we still have the privilege to go for walks and essential exercise once a day. We have limited social interaction. We cannot meet friends and have to attempt to stay 2 meters away from anyone who isn’t part of our household. This can leave many of us feeling lonely, but there are ways to embrace this. Flipping our perspective a little bit, whether you’re working at home or not, this has cleaned up our schedule, and we have a lot more time to ourselves, more than ever. We cannot control what the world is enduring right now, or the government’s choice to force everyone into isolation, but you can control what you do during your time in isolation.

During a time of fear, isolation, and frustration, this is undoubtedly a time for us all to try and stay peaceful and happy in our hearts, changing our lifestyle to a more healthy one, or maybe even starting a spiritual journey, or deepening your one. Here are some ideas and things to practice in self-isolation…

Re-connect with yourself

As previously stated, this is a time of isolation, and loneliness, where we have to disconnect significantly from the outside world. But all this time alone can be utilized to re-connect with ourselves. This is undoubtedly really important to do as regardless of the pandemic, we are always busy in society. We have long to-do lists. We have many worries that a lot of the time, take advantage of us.

In a time where we cannot see friends, and freely go out, this is a perfect time to re-connect with yourself. Some ways to do this is to start ‘journalling’. If you do not have access to a notebook or journal, you can always type daily entries into your phone or your computer. You can write daily entries, talking about the tasks you completed, how your relationship with your family or friends is getting stronger, or distancing, and general emotions. Some journal prompts to re-connect with yourself could be to write a letter to your past self, your favorite quotes that speak to you, best advice someone has given you, or you have given yourself, and a moment in your life which has changed you.

Some other ways to re-connect with yourself could be just to sit in silence, observing your thoughts, exploring them, seeing how you feel. You may also research or practice something new, something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time.

Deepening or starting your spiritual journey

This may link to the last one, reconnecting with yourself. This may be the perfect time to start or deepen your spiritual practices. Many of us have may feel that this is a time filled with too much pressure to be able to practice spirituality. But surely in a time like this, a way of salvation, hope, and finding ways to become more mindful and relaxed would be hugely beneficial right now.

Some ways to start your spiritual journey is to start meditating, whether a guided meditation you found online; or just sitting, or lying down somewhere, where you feel comfortable, focusing on your breaths, observing your thoughts and not engaging them for a short period every day can be highly beneficial. You may want to start looking at some spiritual theories, such as the law of attraction, the law of healing crystals, or maybe astrology.

Connect with your inner goddess or divine feminine energy

Regardless of your sex, we all have the energy of the opposing sex in ourselves. This could be a good time to connect with your inner goddess and divine feminine energy. And although it’s very important to balance our divine masculine and feminine energy, I think it’s important to connect with your divine feminine energy, as we live in a very masculine world. Now, this isn’t political in any way, but energetically we live in a very masculine-dominated world. We are always told to set goals, to be rational, to be very out-come orientated, to do and to be competitive.

While these are all positive things, but this is certainly what is found in our society more than to be intuitive, emotional, creative, healing, gentle, receptive, expressive and to simply be. There are many different activities you can do to connect with your inner goddess, and anyone can, regardless of sex.

Work on mindfulness and reactions

Utilizing mindfulness does not necessarily have to be a deep spiritual practice; something that can offer you peace in stressful situations. Working on your feelings, reactions, and mindfulness is something that can be highly beneficial to the average person during daily life.

For instance, in practicing mindfulness in your daily walk, really observe your surroundings, the little things that we seldom notice, good or bad. When you are feeling frustrated with isolation, you can try and put a positive twist on it. You can start to think about what you can use the time in isolation for. Maybe being grateful that you are staying inside to keep yourself and others safe and expressing how that this has and will teach us, and various governments an important lesson.


Hopefully, this article has given you a positive perspective on the situation and gave you some ideas you can explore during your time in isolation, or even after, to benefit your lifestyle.

It’s important to remember, however, that even pursuing all of these ideas, and various spiritual practices, that we stay present and grounded with what’s going on in the world, how we can help the Coronavirus outbreak, how to keep our self and others safe. This situation is not ideal, and not something we all wanted, but hopefully staying mindful of what’s going on, with a positive perspective can help ease you through this difficult time.


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