Looking At The Pandemic As An Opportunity…

Looking At The Pandemic As An Opportunity

For a lot of people staying positive during the current crisis is even more difficult than staying healthy. There is a lot of worry, anxiety, fear, and sometimes even sheer panic. Especially in shops, you can see the different ways people react to the situation and what it does to their mental state.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their own perspective on how they want to deal with things, but if you feel that it stresses you out there are so many ways to look at any situation differently. A different point of view can really help how you are feeling right now. How you are feeling now is the only thing that you have any say over and it is the most important.

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1. Staying in the now moment

When the news hit us, it was clear for me that my years of practicing silent meditation would pay off in this very moment. I also knew this virus and the possible lockdown would be a great opportunity to go inside even deeper. To stay in the moment completely and not to be taken out by news or worry or fear, what a great test. Just to be here now, try it and see how that feels. No thoughts!

2. Letting go of fear

Fear does come up a lot of course, for almost anyone! But instead of becoming fearful, or pushing it away, welcome the fear. It is just showing itself because it wants to be seen, it wants to be loved, it is just an energy. Embrace it lovingly and bring it into the sacred heart to be transformed — your spiritual heart. Look at it like this: Such a blessing for humanity to release so much of the fear we have been holding on to for so long, for it to show itself and to be released.

3. Being kind

There seems to be some type of magic in the air in my Amsterdam neighbourhood since the lockdown started. People are so much kinder, attentive, there are more smiles, more chats with strangers, more patience, like we all know that we are in this together. “You go first” “No, you go first.” is resonating in the shops and the streets. The human has crept back into humanity, we feel more connected and we are loving it!

4. Calmness

The adjustment was great in the beginning, a lot of people didn’t know what to do with their time, now that their busy schedule was gone. They got bored, staring at the walls, started fixing up their houses, clearing out attics. But after a few weeks of being at home, something changed, “Actually this is kind of nice”, is what so many of my friends say “I really needed this, I feel so much calmer.” What a gift for everyone to experience that having more time and less pressure actually makes life so much more enjoyable. Corona took the rat out of the rat race and its such blessing.

5. And what about nature?

The air cleared up in two weeks, it’s easier to breathe, there are more butterflies, more insects, and the sky…the sky has never been so blue, without the layer of smog and vapor lines hiding it. Who thought such a change possible? Worldwide the effect is noticeable in nature after a few weeks. Now we see how fast nature can recover itself, how wonderful and how hopeful for our future.

So, what can we learn from this?

How will we go forward? How has life been affected where you live? Is it possible for us as a planet to move forward more gentle, more unified, to stop polluting the air we breathe? To be kinder to ourselves and others? To be more patient and to be enjoying our spare time, taking up new hobbies, getting creative. Could we embrace all the opportunities and use this moment to kickstart a more united and healthier world?

Even if we can’t predict or control the future of the planet, what each of us can do is to decide for ourselves that we choose to see the opportunity in everything that happens. Choose to look at the bright side, and make the absolute best of the now moment, with love.


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