9 Ways To Organize Your Life With Mindfulness…

9 Ways To Organize Your Life With Mindfulness

Many people talk about living more mindfully. However, they come home at the end of a busy day to a house that looks messy, and they feel instantly overwhelmed by clutter. Sometimes they can’t start their workday before cleaning their desk, costing them productive time.

Living mindfully means remaining in the moment and reflecting on how your habits create who you are. When you examine your behavior without judging it, you begin gravitating toward healthier habits. If you need to organize your life, follow these nine mindfulness tips to clear the clutter and ease your weary mind.

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Decide upon a workable cleaning schedule

Often, chores remain unfinished because you lack a set schedule for accomplishing them. Then, when a friend phones to say they’ll be over in 15 minutes, you tear through your house like a cleaning dervish, frantically trying to make it look presentable. When you create a cleaning schedule, you eliminate the need for panic-stricken frenzies, as your house always looks at least somewhat tidy. Plus, you save time by tackling tasks a little here and there instead of spending an entire weekend day with a mop in hand.

Make one to-do list and stick to it

You can overdo it with organizers — if you use a physical notepad, your phone and your computer, how will you know what you wrote where? Select the style of notetaking that works best for you, and stick to it. If the physical act of writing helps cement tasks to memory, use a notebook or paper calendar. If you’re a techie, choose an app that integrates across your devices to never miss an important deadline.

Invest in adorable organizers

Getting organized proves easier when you have cute places to keep things. Invest in glass containers for food storage in your kitchen. They look more elegant, and they’re free from BPA, a toxin found in many plastics. Does your shoe collection rival that of Imelda Marcos? An under-the-bed organizer keeps closet floors tidy.

Speaking of shoes, did you know 90 percent of the bacteria your shoes pick up outdoors transfers to your floors? This creates a significant health risk for you and your loved ones. Instead, install a shoe rack near your front door and ask close friends and family members to remove their foot coverings upon entering. You’ll pass on a lot of germs — plus you’ll save a bundle of money and time on carpet and floor cleaning.

Work from the top down

This seems like common sense, but what’s the point of mopping if you later wipe crumbs from the counter onto the floor? When you have multiple organizing tasks, start with the top one first. This way, you only need to clean up loose debris one time instead of throughout the process.

Wash dishes as you dirty them

Are you guilty of leaving dishes in the sink for days? If you don’t have a dishwasher — or avoid using it for environmental reasons — wash up your plates as you dirty them. Even top chefs swear by using the clean-as-you-go method while cooking.

Clean up before bedtime

Going to bed while toys lie scattered everywhere means waking up to a messy house — and potentially stepping on a Lego — zoinks! Get in the habit of doing a quick clean up before you turn in each evening. Have the kids put their toys in their chest or cubicles. If you have a home office, organize your paperwork and make your schedule for the next day. That way, you wake up ready to jump into your workday.

Before buying, ask what need the object fills

Do you indulge in retail therapy? Nearly everyone does now and then, but shopping ’til you drop creates excess clutter.

Before you buy any new item, pause and ask yourself the following question: What need do I have that this object fills? Remember, one of the key aspects of living mindfully means reflecting on your actions without judgment. If you answer, “the only need this fills is my need to boost my mood,” choose another way to perk yourself up. Enjoying a hot bath or taking a walk in nature proves a superior choice.

Practice one-in, one-out

We all need to replace worn items on occasion. To avoid accumulating unnecessary clutter, practice one-in, one-out living. Every time you purchase an item, you sell or donate another. Think of creative ways to re-purpose things. For example, you can cut up worn clothing to use as cleaning rags.

Donate to charity

Finally, as you go through your mindfulness organizing tasks, create three piles. On one, put items you intend to keep. Sort the rest into things to sell or donate. If you have the time, you can earn extra cash by organizing a yard sale. Make it a collective effort, as neighborhood-wide sales attract more traffic and take the burden of making all the signs yourself.

If you don’t have time to go the garage sale route, pack up your car and donate your items to charity. Many local church groups and homeless shelters accept donations of gently used items like clothing and books.

Organizing your life mindfully

Mindful living means reflecting upon the choices we make without judgment. When you incorporate these techniques into your organizing game, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind.


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