One Step At A Time

During the women’s retreat that I helped host in May, I had suggested to my friend, Lesley, that she do the Manitou Springs Incline because I know she likes a good challenge. During a two and a half hour break, she asked if I wanted to do the Incline with her and I’m pretty sure I said something like, “yes…..I hate you”.

She just kind of looked at me, smiled, and said, “okay – let’s go!”.

(This was my third time hiking the Incline in Manitou Springs and for those of you who are not familiar, it is about 2800 steps straight up a mountainside. It truly is NO joke!)

As the two of us ascended, I told her that she could go ahead of me as I knew she would be faster. At first she didn’t want to leave me but, as time went on, she allowed herself to move ahead. She explained later that, had the roles been reversed, she would have wanted someone else to do the same. I think we both understood that it was our own journey to undertake and we had to take it with our own steps, at our own pace.

About half way up the mountain, it occurred to me that I hadn’t even looked up. When I finally took a moment to stop and look ahead to take stock of my progress, I was bluntly reminded why I hadn’t done so until that point. Having done this hike before, I knew this journey required taking things step by step, or the overwhelm would take over and I would want to give up.

Every time I have done the incline in the past, I knew at a deep level that I would finish. It is just not an option for me not to finish. That’s just my personality for something like this. Now, do I have that same perseverance when I’m trying to conquer a cleaning project? No! That’s why I married my husband <smile>. He is detail-oriented and he will always kick my butt until it’s done (or will end up shoving me aside and just finish it himself….. LOL).

At times, when we look at the big picture of the task or goal we are looking to undertake, we find ourselves so overwhelmed that we don’t even want to start. When we break things up into doable steps, however, it is most often simple and very doable!

When we jump in and just take action, without trying to think of creative ways on how or why we can’t do it, it gets done. I spent years talking myself out of my business and goals I had for myself, but when I finally decided to be all-in and to stop measuring my success based purely on the income received, some serious magic happened!

I chose to quit putting a time limit on myself. It was just too much pressure and frequently stopped me from doing anything at all. To make sure that action does take place, however, I set small goals and create action steps, which keeps me moving forward to support the experiences that I want. (I do put a time limit on my action steps).

I also stopped attempting to keep up with the “Business Jones.” I put a cork in the voices in my head breeding self-doubt by telling me I need online classes, videos, etc. etc. Aaaaghhh. I recognized that what I really was to just be in the moment and stop putting so much on my to do list! This realization also released a lot of pressure that I was putting on myself, which allowed me to focus on what truly mattered to me and to enjoy the moments. Especially the magic moments of our sessions.


What do YOU want?

What STEP can you take today?

This week?

This month?

Focus on what you CAN do and don’t even bother looking to the top of the mountain – unless or until you are taking the time to visualize yourself standing on top with a smile on your face, feeling absolute joy!

(Visualization is HIGHLY recommended as it helps you to create the feeling in your body which is needed for you to manifest your magic.)

I am challenging you to:

Get Clear!

Write it Down!

Take a Step!

Visualize and FEEL it as if it is happening!

Take another step – and don’t stop until you are in the magic.

Let’s do this!


Much love,


Mantra: I am taking daily steps to create the life I want to experience.


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Dena Gould


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