One Change That Can Make The World Look Beautiful…

One Change That Can Make The World Look Beautiful

My grandfather always said, “Change your perspective and the world will look more beautiful.” I didn’t understand what that meant when I was young, owing to the credibility gap. But once I developed my horse sense, I understood the importance of changing the perspective. There are two days when we cannot do anything: yesterday and tomorrow. But today, with an open mind and a kind heart, we can strive to make a change in our life.

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The Value of Perspective

What is the most pleasing 5-letter word? Money? Does it buy you the love of your close ones? ‘Sorry’? Does that give you the contentment and happiness? Smile? Yes, bull’s eye! This is what makes your day. We have a thousand reasons to cry but that one reason to smile is enough for us to forget all the problems for a brief second and enjoy the moment. And what gives us the reason to smile? It is our outlook towards life: our perspective. When we don’t laugh at the same joke again and again, then why to waste our time crying for the same problem!

Perspective is the frame of the experience or the lens through which we look at the experience. Our perspective can either be positive or negative and to decide which type we possess, we should be mindful about how we view our past because it is not the past but our perspective of our past that imprisons or limits us. A positive perspective energizes the mind and gives it total control. In return, our ability to focus is enhanced and we are able to prioritize and emphasize what is more imperative.

I was in a catch-22 situation some years back when I had to make a career decision. While studying, I didn’t realize that the fields that were open for me were not my cup of tea. My passion for writing and learning new things forced me to test the waters before taking the plunge. What seemed easy was to bewail the wastage of my precious college years and while away time. But my perspective landed me in a win-win situation. I found a way to utilize my knowledge to pursue my avocation. Just by changing my perspective and redirecting the energy in a positive direction, I was able to focus, prioritize and emphasize on what I wanted and not what I needed.

Letting Go of Past Baggage

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

We all know J. K. Rowling because of the gift she gave us: the magical world of Hogwarts where friends had your back and teachers were the foster parents; where having a good heart was the key to the Utopian world; where ill-willed people did not last long and where magic and love prevailed. Who would have thought that this woman had had a horrible past? In spite of all the hurdles, she decided to look through her limitations and changed the way she looked at her experiences. She realized that the sooner the past becomes a lesson, the easier it is to let go the baggage and move on. She transformed her life which, in turn, transformed our (readers’) life.

Everyone has a baggage. We are not supposed to carry it on our backs forever. We should give it up to receive more greatness in life. Past experiences are meant to teach us lessons. The moment we realize that this is the truth that fits our life, we empower the things to make us grow and learn. Taking ownership of the events that didn’t go right and believing that our past is not a picture that we can’t repaint will allow the grace, goodness and love to enter our life.

“If we don’t believe that there is more for us to receive and achieve, we will be left with what we have and that will deceive/ trap us.”

There are three easy steps to let go:

  • Change perspective to align with the reality
  • Change what you see, feel, touch i.e. change your position/ environment/ surrounding
  • Make gratitude a part of your life

If we change the way we look at our past, avoid the people and the surrounding that remind us of the negative or bad in our life, and be grateful for what we have and what we can achieve, we open ourselves up to the possibilities and potential of our true selves. Perspective is what can make the beautiful. It is a mind-game. The sooner we learn to control it, the better our life will be.


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