On Transition: How An Accident Changed My Life…

On Transition: How An Accident Changed My Life


No matter how well you plan and execute your life, you can always expect the unexpected, especially when you hit a crossroad and you have to make a decision as to which path you will take.

This is exactly what happened to me several years ago. Music has always been my passion. And after a brief hiatus, I finally booked several gigs, starting with a great opportunity to perform at a well-attended art exhibit in Providence, RI. As I was preparing to go to my day job, my intuition was telling me to take the day off and stay home to prepare for the evening’s performance.

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The Accident

Of course, I didn’t listen and I went to work. Later that morning, while moving cases of glass with my coworker, the hoist got away and crushed my right hand against a concrete wall. Fortunately, only two fingers had fractures, but one of them was completely crushed and I had numerous lacerations. I had to cancel all my upcoming shows, and it meant potentially not going back to my passion.

The Crossroads

It took several months of recovery and surgery. Eventually, I was healed, but that one finger was somewhat deformed having a negative impact on my performing. Since I couldn’t perform at the level I was accustomed to, I had to decide what I would do with my life. My dreams were shattered.

The Transformation

On a positive note, as I was always into fitness and martial arts, I began to discover yoga. I then realized that yoga was more than just stretching your muscles. It involved improving one’s body, mind, and spirit, which helped me throughout that ordeal immensely. After several weeks of pondering what path I would take in my journey of life, I decided, because I was always sharing my knowledge of fitness and yoga with others, that I would train to become a yoga teacher guiding others to have happier and healthier lives!

I had already been a guitar instructor, so I knew what it took to be a teacher. I was also comfortable speaking in front of an audience since I have given musical presentations on the art of flamenco music, so I was a little ahead of the game.

So I began my journey on the path of becoming a teacher in the world of yoga! It was somewhat difficult, working days spending numerous late night studying anatomy, pranayama or breathing exercises, alignments, and philosophy and science of yoga but in the end, it all paid off. The more I learned about yoga, the more inspired and passionate I became with it.


Since then, I’ve been teaching yoga once week for about six months and I’ve never been happier. I have even incorporated my music into my classes. I typically begin each class with a five-minute musical meditation sequence where I perform inspired classical guitar music. And my students love it! My classes have been slowly growing and I may soon teach a second night each week, which is more than enough for now because I do have a day job. The moral of my story is to never stop believing in yourself and trust the process of life. You never know where you’ll wind up in.


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Brian Mello

Brian Mello is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and holds an Associate's Degree in Journalism. Besides teaching yoga evenings, he has written for numerous publications for human interest stories. As a former music therapist, Brian performed as a soloist as a flamenco & Spanish guitarist & with Boston's El Arte Flamenco, a flamenco dance troupe that included dancers, singers & musicians. Brian currently resides in North Providence, RI & works days as a craftsman.

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