Reflections On Covid, Lockdowns, And Life…

Reflections On Covid, Lockdowns, And Life

“Why would we want it the way it was, it wasn’t working anyway.”

Beginning in March 2020, the world was shut down. Rolling lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing and masks littered society with the promise of protection, blended with heavy doses of fear and propaganda. Even social perception was compromised; altered and manipulated toward an apparent intention for safety, yet rife with undeniable political and social agendas emerging from the unknown. Years ago, I learned that whenever global events occur such as the pandemic, there is always more going on under the surface of reality than we choose to see or become informed. Given the common attention span often struggles to sustain awareness, it always takes time for nefarious things to be revealed, even as they go widely unseen.

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Catch a breath

Upon reflection, my daily life did not change much over the last year and a half. I still went to work, to the store, out of town for events and family visits, gathered with community, played music, wrote articles and stayed in touch with people in my life. I did appreciate the lack of traffic on the roads and trails, at the shops and even in the streets. There was a calm and peace in the world that happened overnight. For those fleeting weeks, society was taking a breath, as was nature. Something began to break the surface through the back and forth of the medical industry, mainstream media and the political arena. In the wake of dis-, mis-, lack and no information, I felt a shift happening in the world. Consciousness was growing within the madness of social reality.

Stand and create

It became apparent to me global transformation was possible, and, to some extent, occurring. The current events had captivated the collective attention of humanity. This excited and inspired me. The era some of us were envisioning, intending and expressing for years was happening. Personal empowerment came to me as a rush of creativity, energy and imagination. I started writing music again. My writing style matured and shifted in a new direction. My meditations and practices were all engaging, powerful and fulfilling, providing me with a new balance, experience, insight and perception into what is possible. While much of the world was impacted and influenced by anxiety, fear, illness and uncertainty, I stood my conscious ground.

Truth and transmission

As Spring turned into Summer, the energy in society grew more chaotic, intense and unstable. The pensive calm and quiet turned into viral surges, gun violence, racial profiling and murder, social uprising and the US’s favorite pastime, politics. Being aware of social conditioning in all forms, and having found the eye in humanity’s recent hurricane, I found myself remarkably balanced, centered, focused and grounded. There were times when I observed and even engaged in the melee, yet soon found my breath, stepped out of the fracas and reset my connection with the universe. This became a vital practice whenever my equilibrium was challenged. It is in the stillness of the present when we clarify and establish our truth.

“There are over seven billion truths in the world, and one gigantic lie.”

Electoral fire

The Summer passed and the US Election took center stage with all its pomp and circumstance. The ass and the elephant temporarily replaced the focus from the pandemic, setting the masses ablaze. Suddenly, the flames of anxiety and fear from the virus shifted into politics. One side touted an arrogant and self-righteous attention monger. The other side dusted off an aging, yet experienced politician who had a questionable backstory of his own. I do not choose to engage in the political process simply because it is a racket. A clever and deceptive system designed to disempower the masses, encouraging a timeless exorcism of the people’s power under the false pretense their choice in the political arena makes a difference.

Ebb and flow

The election passed, apart from the childish tantrums of its loser. The virus charts and numbers rose and receded like an inconvenient tide. In many ways we were all separated from each other, though pre-virus comparisons would reveal we always had been. I pressed onward through the melee of social reality, bearing my personal creativity, empowerment, meditation, prayer and transformation as a guiding light against the mounting, simulated darkness. All the while enjoying the adventure, discovery and opportunity of my experience in an unparalleled, universal energetic shift. Yet, for every powerful wave of enlightenment empowering our consciousness, the social undercurrents of anxiety and fear aimed to yank us back into reality.

Two steps forward, three steps back

In my life, I have become accustomed to standing for my belief and truth with willful abandon. This last year and a half have challenged my acceptance, tolerance and understanding of others in the wake of intensifying social criticism, judgement, opinion and prejudice. Caught somewhere between self-defense and disbelief, I shook my head and smiled my way through it. As often as possible, I express an immense empathy for humanity and society. I choose to believe we all have the potential to observe ourselves from within and transform our way of being to the best of our ability in the spirit of making a difference. Yet, fear is a social vortex devouring possibility at every turn.

Jab and weave

Through Winter and into Spring, I rode the social waves of ease and malaise. After a while, the pangs of emergency and urgency of the pandemic began to dull. The social focus was instinctively turning to the old-world pastimes of amusement, entertainment, politics and sports. Those beating the drum of anxiety were still thumping away on the nerve strings of society in a last-ditch effort to captivate all with their antiquated spell. The heated debate between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed expired. All who took the jab appeared to move on with their lives and all who declined followed suit. Inevitably, most are eager to forget this last agonizing year and a half, replacing its bitter memory with the pastime of their fancy.

Beyond the choice

Now, we move into Summer with earnest hopes to leave it all behind, anxiety, chaos, fear, illness, inequality, isolation, lockdowns, loss, lunacy and uncertainty. What remains are the ashes and embers of the world before everything went sideways. An extraordinary, universal energetic shift continues, regardless of the mundane, social regression ebbing in tandem with the flow of our ever-evolving consciousness.

These last 18 months have been an affirmation of the power of our choice to either be taken under by the receding tide of social reality or ride the waves of enlightenment and transcendence into the embrace of our destiny. Beyond this choice is our opportunity to manifest our universal being. Seems quite simple to me.

“There is no way back, only forward…”


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