4 Ways To Help You Completely Change Direction…

4 Ways To Help You Completely Change Direction


There have been many times in my life where I have stood at a crossroad, wondering which way to go. Standing there hopelessly looking for a sign, to which there often wasn’t any. Praying for answers and even looking to others for wisdom and guidance. Then, there were times I took off with conviction knowing exactly where I wanted to go. Those times weren’t always easy, but at least I had a sense of direction.

Last year, I realized I was miserable in my job and I desperately wanted out. I saw a chance to make a change for the better (mentally, physically and emotionally), so I took it! Like the often told saying “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, I soon realized this to be true. Though my new job is better than my old one, I have discovered that the direction I am headed in is no longer ideal. In fact, I can’t change course fast enough; I’m ready to jump ship to escape it. I’m ready for an entire new career change.

I stopped and thought about my options. There are really only two: stay the original course, or follow my heart. I chose to be true to myself and be happy. Here are four tips that will help you change direction and get you on the correct path.

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1) Don’t Forget to Use the Force

Think about it from a physics point of view. An object in motion stays in motion— in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force. As we move steadily towards our goal— full focus, all systems go, we decide to change direction. Physically, that is a difficult task to do. We have to look within ourselves and find that “force” needed to change direction.

Stop and ask yourself this question “what is driving me to change direction?” Once the answer reveals itself, latch on to it, because that is going to propel us in our new direction.

2) Don’t Cave to Comfort

We are creatures of comfort; change is scary. Changing course with a bunch of unknown variables can bring about a lot of emotions: fear, anxiety, hysteria, etc. It’s so easy to go back to the old plan because it’s “predictable” and we know where we are going, even though we aren’t happy with it anymore). With that said, we have to be willing to go outside of our comfort zone to achieve what we want. We will never be able to discover new worlds if we aren’t willing to lose sight of the shore.  

3) Don’t Seek Acceptance

Now that we have a new goal/plan, we can’t look to others for validation; we have to look within ourselves. There are always going to be nay-sayers out there who think what we want to do is a “horrible idea”, so why subject ourselves to that? We have to be smart, plan and then be selective about who we want to surround ourselves with. Inviting like-minded, supportive individuals who won’t bombard us with negativity sets us up for success. Let’s make a distinction here, though these people may support us by giving us positive feedback and welcome advice, we aren’t seeking validation or acceptance from them. Ideally, we should already have a mutual respect and acceptance within this community.

4) Don’t Seek Forgiveness (Yet)

Each decision we make has consequences (good and bad) and we have to accept that our change in direction may upset people in our lives. Feelings get hurt, relationships get damaged, favors get “called in” and sometimes… decisions end up “burning bridges” irrevocably beyond repair. It is important that once we’ve made this step, that we don’t look back in that rear view mirror (tempting as it may be). If the fates bring you back together, then the mending process can begin, but for now— onward! This decision we made was not taken lightly, nor was it made thoughtlessly, so we cannot seek forgiveness for it. If we stay true to ourselves, we will ultimately end up happier for it.


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