New Year Resolutions For A Healthier Lifestyle…

New Year Resolutions For A Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle changes rank among the top resolutions people make on New Year’s. Unfortunately, people do not often detail exactly what they mean by “healthier.” Not having a specific goal can make it more difficult for you to create the better lifestyle you crave. Here are some specific resolutions or steps you can take to make your healthier lifestyle possible.

Try New Supplements

Modern-day life is so busy that people often skip meals or do not have time to prepare nutritious dishes. Supplements can fill the gaps left by diet choices made on the fly. One of the core nutrients your body needs is protein. If you are athletic or vegetarian, you may need protein supplements more than most other people. Ask your doctor if isolate protein is right for you.

Incorporate Meditation

How good are you at clearing your head and being one with the moment? Can you tune into your body and ignore all other distractions? For some people, the ability to do these things might seem like a superpower, but practice makes perfect. Meditation can also take unique forms. For example, some people allow their thoughts to run loose during mediation to prevent them from causing distractions during work hours or at bedtime.

Get More Active

Some people are already more active than others. No matter how active you are — or are not — your body will eventually get used to that level of exercise. Once it plateaus, it’s time to up the intensity or frequency. There are many ways to get more active this year:

  • Replace some of your commute with walking or biking.
  • Go hiking.
  • Try bouldering or rock climbing.
  • Go to the gym more often.
  • Go running in the early morning or late evening.
  • Use workout equipment at home.

Drink More Water

Water is the source of all life. Without it, life as you know it would not exist. The human body is made up of a significant portion of water and that needs to be replenished often. When you are dehydrated, your body punishes you. You may suffer from headaches, dizziness, skin breakouts and other bothersome symptoms that you need to drink more water.

Here are some ways to improve your water intake:

  • Keep a glass or bottle of water at your desk while you work.
  • Drink water before you work out.
  • Replace at least one drink per day with water.
  • Use low-calorie additives to flavor your water if you don’t like the taste.
  • Track how much water you drink per day and compare that to the recommended amount.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Another way to get more water into your body is to eat more fruits and veggies. Keeping up with the recommended amount can be difficult. Try to replace some of your carbs with veggies. You can also make smoothies from your fruits and vegetables. Adding fruits to your breakfast menu can make a great start to your day, as well. Some people add it to oatmeal, cornflakes or yogurt.

Spend More Time Outside

Being indoors all day is unhealthy. Breathe as much fresh air as you can. If you work remotely, set up an outdoor workspace and use it as often as possible. Consider taking your lunch breaks outdoors. Getting a dog can also certainly force you to spend more time outdoors. You’ll need to walk the dog and take Fido for bathroom breaks. Fido might also be too excited when you accidentally mention the word “Park” for you to resist taking him.

Invest in Trackers

Keeping up with fitness goals might be more trouble than you’re willing to take on. Wouldn’t it be great if something could automatically record your steps or recognize when you are biking or running? There are many apps and wearable devices that can complete these tasks for you. Effortless tracking makes it easier for you to get the data you need and track how well you’re keeping up with your resolutions.

Choosing just one step might not have the strong impact you’re looking for to change your life. Try picking a combination that works for you and your schedule.


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