New Year Resolutions Are Not My Thing. Here’s Why!…

New Year Resolutions Are Not My Thing. Here’s Why!

It was an awe-inspiring 2019 for me, and now we’re heading to 2020. We’re just one year and a few days away from beholding the end of the current decade and the beginning of the new decade. As we all know, people like to make New Year’s resolutions every year, aspiring to bring positive change. They set intentions for a fresher path to their health, wellness, education, sustainability, finance, and personal development.

What I hear from my friends, their resolutions have been nearly the same from last 5/6 years:

  • Jack wants to quit smoking.
  • Tina wishes to lose her weight this year.
  • Bethany hopes to explore hidden adventures coming six months.
  • Sam, a future entrepreneur, wants to start his office having different specialized team units.
  • And Emilie wants to read all of Jeffrey Burton Russell’s books.

I don’t want them to feel discouraged, but I know once the grace of this new year wraps off, they’ll feel under charge and struggle to stick to the routine. The motivation which anyone needs to possess is never giving up as a person and learn the lessons from your past mistakes.

Why do people make these resolutions?

And this is when they know their promise wouldn’t last for even two to three months. First, it’s a decision to do or not do a thing; to make or break a habit. And this decision comes at a moment when everyone looks back to the past year’s achievements, successes, self-growth, and blunders made.

  1. Resolutions are purely based on the regret that we missed something really important in the past for our personal growth. Many will wish to control their diabetes, become a little richer, embrace selflessness and peace through meditation, or take care of their families.
  2. For many, it’s a quick DIY way of analyzing who they are and how their surroundings affect them.
    • How are they behaving with others?
    • How good are they at social relationships?
    • Have they been a proud parent?
    • Are they earning well?

But unfortunately, I don’t buy near year resolutions. They seem to be too fiction and only hope rather than a reality. According to the self-reported outcomes study of resolvers and non-resolvers, only 4 percent of non-resolvers successfully attained their goals. Gloomily, the new year promises and resolutions could easily be misinterpreted as a grocery list, self-analyzed vows were considered in a way as if to buy shampoo in the store, there is a lack of drive of sincerity.

How would someone assume to achieve them? What should be done instead? Form a definite goal based on a clear mechanism on how each milestone of them can be accomplished, meeting the exact timeline, measurement, and sanction.

  • If you are currently pursuing a college degree, you can locate some easy online jobs to pay your academics fee, or can do some foreign language course.
  • If you are a corporate team leader, you can work for employees wellness and incorporate wellness programs to keep your workers engaged and motivated.

Winners know how to locate weaknesses and explore the strengths from then. When we set a strict rule, our body and mind don’t confer assistance, and we get failed in following the specifics. Mistakes could be hurtful at first, but it should be battled head-on, not later, grab every opportunity to grow. To clarify this, learn to nurture and relish yourself from mistakes you’ve done in your lifetime, a new year resolution will never cure sadness and offer fictional kind of happiness.

In the end, a resolution is just a piece of paper and gives an absolute power to be revised.


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