5 Ways To Start A New Life-Path When You Have Zero Support…

5 Ways To Start A New Life-Path When You Have Zero Support

Have you been called to start something new in your life? There is a challenge that comes with new beginnings, and there is a level of support that is appreciated. What about when family and friends do not quite support your spiritual journey, or changes in your diet and health, or even the decluttering of certain humans from your life? Five years ago, after many years of social drinking, I fully gave up alcohol. It was never my intention, but after becoming pregnant with my first child and then having him, I decided that I liked the way my mind and body felt alcohol-free and haven’t looked back. To this day, there are still people in my life who do not understand and question that decision, and that is ok. Throughout the years, I have met several acquaintances taking on new paths in their lives who have expressed a lack of support in one way or another. Initially, it can feel lonely and confusing. Here are a few tips that may help keep you focused in the direction you are wanting to go.

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1) You know what is best for you.

We all have an internal compass that can help guide us throughout our lives. If there is a lack of understanding on why you suddenly became a vegan or why you switched jobs or why you must meditate during your lunch breaks instead of interacting with your coworkers or why you moved across the United States to pursue a relationship, that is ok. You do not need permission from anyone but yourself to pursue your dreams and reach your goals. While we all want our people to support us and be on our side, we do not need to all think alike or agree.

2) Tread lightly, but educate.

We go through this life with what we know, and what we think we know. Sometimes we have people in our lives who think they know what is best for us. Educate those around you, but be ok if they do not understand what you are doing. It is not our job to make them agree with us, but we can educate them the best we know how and move on from there. Hopefully that friend or family member, even if they don’t fully understand, will at least provide you with the love and support to help you blossom on your new journey.

3) It is ok to sit alone.

Sometimes we need to just sit and be with ourselves for a while, and that is healthy. Recharge, think about what is truly important to you and learn to gain the strength from within so that you can forge on ahead with the new path you are trying to take. There is an incredible force of strength that can be gained from solitude. Try it!

4) Develop a routine.

When the outside support isn’t there, acknowledge it, but don’t let it stop you from becoming a rock star in life. Come up with a plan. Write out goals and the steps on how you will achieve this new venture. And then start to take the proper steps toward you, you know you are meant to be. Develop new habits and routines, and stick to them.

5) Immerse yourself in the culture, when you are ready.

Whatever it is that you are trying to change, learn, or become try to find people who are also doing the same. Instead of shutting down from the lack of support open yourself up to the possibilities, and watch to see who the powers-at-be send your way. Once you are ready your tribe will find you. You may lose some friends along the way (or you may not), but perhaps you needed to shed those people from your life in order to light up a new path. Remember that you are strong. Be brave and bold. Take those steps for you and create a life worth jumping out of bed for every morning. You are worth it!

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