3 Myths Around Happiness That Actually Make Us Miserable…

3 Myths Around Happiness That Actually Make Us Miserable

A ‘happiness trap’ is a term I use for commonly known ideas that revolve around the topic of happiness. What it suggests is that what we believe are truths about happiness, when in reality are not — instead they have the opposite effect to what we’re actually feeling. As a result, they begin to dictate our lives when we start to believe them and lead us to negative thinking and thoughts that will eventually make us miserable.

This article will explain the common myths that revolve around happiness and how they actually prevent us from being happy altogether.

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Myth #1: Happiness is a natural state for all of us

A common belief is that happiness should be a natural state for all humans. Although from the outside it may seem as though a human has what they require to be happy, throughout life, we witness a range of scenarios that flood us with all kinds of emotions, and this is completely normal.

For example, it’s understandable to feel sad when someone has been taken away from us or feel worried when we feel we’re in a harmful situation. Similarly, we’re likely to feel joy when we’re celebrating or stressed when we fear for ourselves. This is actually what we would consider a natural state for human beings when we go through several emotions at any given time.

Myth #2: Happiness suggests that you’re feeling good

Another myth associated with happiness suggests that good feelings come with being happy. This means we feel content with the state that we’re currently in. But this is where the issue lies with suggesting happiness is defined by good feelings. Feelings can always change regardless of our efforts to prevent it, which means happiness can’t be long-lasting if this is how we feel. For a moment, we can be happy but this can easily change to a feeling of restlessness or boredom.

According to psychologist Russ Harris, happiness should be defined as a “rich, full and meaningful life,” which would involve going through a range of emotions in our lifetime whether it be pleasant or unpleasant.

Myth #3: There’s something wrong with you if you’re not happy

The final myth is the suggestion that if you don’t appear to be happy, there’s something that’s wrong with you or something’s bothering you. In reality, you’re not always going to be happy and there will be times when we find life difficult. All the elements of life can easily build up and catch up with us in one go so there will be times when we’ll feel down.

At the same time, we may be completely happy with how our lives are but we choose to not show emotion to choose it. This is part of being a human and being normal. Looking beyond these myths will help you live a more practical life. Self-acceptance is important and can help you go a long way in accepting that life will throw you both highs and lows, but make sure that you embrace life the way you wish to.


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