Motivating Ourselves To A Higher Consciousness…

Motivating Ourselves To A Higher Consciousness

We are all magnificent, infinite, and miraculous beings. Thich Nhat Hahn said, “The miracle isn’t to walk on water, the miracle is to walk on earth.” Every minute of our existence on this planet is a miracle. Yet, there is so much more to us than what we can see. If we were to look at our hand, we would see a solid mass. However, that is not the whole picture of reality. Our hand is not a solid mass at all, but, according to quantum physicists, vibrations of energy. Most of us are not able to see these vibrations; they are very small. If our perception of our hand is an example of a distorted reality, just think how much more there is to experience.

Imagine that the universe is consciousness and we are connected to this consciousness through an invisible cord. All of our intentions and thoughts roll out like waves to affect the entire universe. Likewise, imagine the universe responding through synchronicities or miraculous happenings to our intentions. When we make a paradigm shift, we are more open to our true nature, not something with labels and boundaries. Then, the inhibitions, insecurities, and obstacles fall away and synchronicities or miracles occur more frequently.

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Hopefully, the above paradigm shift increased your motivation. When we shift our thinking, we are moving to higher consciousness. This paradigm shifting is an undertaking. How do we trust there is a bigger picture of reality when our senses are communicating something solid and substantial?

Imagine going through a maze blindfolded. We are not sure where we are going or if we’re moving backward or forwards. Not only that, but we are sure to experience frustration and fear. We only know to keep moving, in order to get out. But, in shifting to a different reality, there are more challenges, because no one is telling us to do it. We could stay in our comfort zone and get through life without the hassle of achieving a higher consciousness. However, the rewards are countless when we step with faith into the unknown. We, then, are connecting with our infinite potential and living a more fulfilled life that is beyond our imagination. How do we motivate ourselves to get started? The motivation needs to come from within us, not an outside source. Here are some questions to help kick start our journey.

What is Our Motivation for Wanting to See Reality Differently?

If we are curious, what is it that fascinates us? Do we want to be more fulfilled? If so, what are we expecting? The more understanding we have into ourselves, the more excitement and focus we will take with us on our journey. Go inward and allow yourself to look at your motivation.

What Leverage or Motivation will Keep Us Going Forward when it Becomes a Struggle?

There will be times that we don’t see anything differently and get frustrated. There are also going to be times when we don’t want to make it a priority. There will be other demands of our time and we may begin to think this goal is not important. What will keep us moving forward? For example, I imagine making as big of an impact as I possibly can. When I get discouraged, I think about this vision and it encourages me. What would encourage you to persevere through the tough times?

What Strategies can We Use to Keep Us Motivated when We Feel Like Quitting?

I use archetypes to keep me going. Mother Teresa is one archetype I use. I imagine her saying things to me like, “You will get to your destination. Look how far you’ve come, and how you’re going to make an impact.” Go inward and imagine what it would take for you to be able to surpass time constraints, job stress, family problems, etc. We can use that motivation to overcome all of those obstacles and stay focused on our goal.

How can We Use Our Faith to Help Us?

Part of the journey may feel like we’re moving through darkness. How do we keep going when we can’t see what we’re moving toward? For me, I have increased my faith through reading about quantum physics and spirituality. The more I read, the more excited I become. I am still not sure of what is out there, but I know it is magnificent and powerful. Even when I am filled with confusion and fear, I am certain that doors will open in miraculous ways.

Once we are motivated, there are practices we need to commit to such as meditating everyday, participating in a meditation community, like a Zen group, and if possible getting a spiritual teacher. Seeing reality differently won’t happen from rationalizing or reading, we have to get beyond the thinking mind and that is where meditation helps.

What will your next step be toward stepping into a higher consciousness?


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Catherine Oliphant

I am a seeker of finding my true nature and helping others find theirs. I have a Master of Science…

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