12 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day…

12 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day

Each morning we are born again and it’s time to realign with the Divine Source. It is a beautiful time to engage with the Divine Source and set the intention for the day, and invoke the power within. Each morning when the sun rises you get the chance to let go of what was, step into the newness of this day, and call upon your guides and angels to help you see, heal, and align with your highest good and for the highest good of all.

I use my morning rituals for setting my intentions deliberately and consciously, after all, we live in a free-will zone and the words and dialogue that you have with yourself will dictate your experiences.

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Suggested morning rituals

Morning rituals are a great way to keep focus on intentional living and desire to experience. You can create daily rituals around whatever you feel drawn to and feels right in your heart. So here are some you can mix and match:

  1. Connect to the Source. Deliberately make an intention upon waking up that you want to connect with the pure Source energy, and open the portal between you and the Source, allowing energy, wisdom, and guidance to flow into you. Trust that you are heard and guided at all times.
  2. Ground yourself. It’s important to live in both the spiritual and intellectual worlds, so balance is the key. Ground yourself by visualizing a string of golden light descending from above, through your mid-line, and into the ground. As an alternative, you can also hug a tree or walk barefoot on the grass.
  3. Set general intentions. Each morning I set my intentions upon waking up after connecting with the Source. I say, “Today is a beautiful day, and it is my dominant intent to feel good all day long. I want to see which is that I want to see. I want to be a blessing to the world. I want to be guided all day long and listen to solutions and opportunities which are for my highest good and for the highest good for all. My newest intention is to live in peace, beauty, harmony, abundance, and creativity, being a full expression of the Pure Source Energy.”
  4. Burn incense or Sage. This can enhance your environment, and help you cleanse it, to invite positive energy and focus.
  5. Infuse spiritual light. Select the type of light you would like to infuse throughout your body for protection, enlightenment, manifestation, change, or personal growth. There are various books on the types of energies and aura colors.
  6. Gratitude. Start your day with a gratitude journal, writing 7 to 11 statements about why you are grateful for a specific experience, relationship, or material object. It helps you release resistance. You also open the door to invite more abundance into your life.
  7. Meditate. You can meditate right after you wake up by either tuning inwards, or using a guided meditation piece. It will help you start your day by thinking fewer things, uncluttering the chatter, and getting clarity on what is important today. According to Buddha, “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”
  8. Use affirmations. Most people prefer to use affirmations in later in the day, however, there is apparently a far greater benefit from using them in the morning. The main reason is that if you use your affirmations in the morning, you are effectively setting your day up by starting out in a positive frame of mind. Plus, saying powerful affirmations when you wake up can help you shake off any negativity from your dreams or block your brain from filling up with any problems or difficulties you may be facing. I like to say and write my affirmations in the morning while I am writing in my journal my thoughts and goals.
  9. Do Yoga, or another slow spiritually strengthening exercise. There many benefits to keeping up one of these practices for the strengthening of your focus and spiritual growth. You can do tai chi or gi gong as an alternative to yoga too.
  10. Journal and ask questions. Write down questions that open the way to receive guidance, wisdom, and opportunities. I love writing in my journal all that comes to my mind about Source, and what is important to me right now, and how I want to feel.
  11. Listen to healing frequencies or Reiki music. I love this practice and do it regularly now. I play them while I am writing, or just working on a project. It keeps me in a place of feeling relaxed and releases resistance.
  12. Dance to inspiring music. Dancing is fun and can totally have you feeling good. So if you are being drawn to this ritual then do it. It will help you with creativity, and confidence.

There are more rituals, but this list is pretty much a must for me. I think in order to connect to our highest version and all that is, this list is it. Go forth and create your own list and refine as needed, so it serves you and that you can manifest the greatest blissful life experiences.

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