This 5 Minute Morning Ritual Can Transform Your Entire Day…

This 5 Minute Morning Ritual Can Transform Your Entire Day

Let’s face it – mornings are hectic.

From the moment that alarm goes off, your mind is running in a million different directions. Not only are you thinking of everything you need to do to get your family out of the house on time this morning with backpacks and lunches in tow, but you’re also going over the million items you need to check off your daunting to-do list before the day is done (and maybe a few you forgot about from the day before). Forget about having a minute to yourself – you’ll be lucky if you have a minute to sit down.

Sound familiar?

Believe it or not, the chaos and stress you’re putting your mind and body through each morning are not necessary, and it’s certainly not healthy to let that kind of stress shape how you get through the remainder of the day. High levels of stress can spike your blood sugar, raise your blood pressure, lower your immunity, and increase inflammation to name a few, all negatively affecting your mental and physiological health. Before you let your stress meter hit an all-time high, try taking part in a simple 5-minute ritual each morning so you can ease into your day without frustration and anxiety!

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The Ritual

Let’s talk about box breathing. Box breathing gets its name from the square-like structure of the practice. Just spending 5 short minutes at the start of each morning on this meditative technique will align your body and mind so you can conquer your day without all the unnecessary stress and frustration. First, find a quiet place where you can sit or lay comfortably and close your eyes. Then you can begin your practice by:

1. Inhale slowly over a count of 4 seconds.

2. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

3. Exhale slowly over a count of 4 seconds.

4. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

5. Repeat.

This 5-minute method will slow your heart rate and give you a sense of calm. If thoughts come into your mind, be it positive or negative, acknowledge them and then simply let them go. By spending a mere 5 minutes each morning focusing on your breathing to relax and calm your body and mind, you will be much better equipped to handle anything that comes your way with poise and gratitude. And yes, you absolutely have time! Did you know that breathing exercises like this one actually help you to focus easier and be more productive? Which means you’re actually giving yourself more time in the day (and who hasn’t wished for that?!)


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