Moon Mysteries And Women

For over a year the topic of the moon cycle has been calling to me. The moon has long been associated with the deep emotional and psychic aspects of the feminine energy. In the tarot, the card of the moon has numerous undertones and when reversed can indicate hysteria and the darker side of the human psyche.

On full moons, it is said that hospitals are full and strange incidents occur. The tides are drawn to the power of the moon and so too it is believed that the water element of the body is pulled in some ways by this powerful celestial body of energy. The moon has long been synonymous with mystery, magic, and subtle mystical power. The cycles of the moon have long served to guide farmers as the phases of the moon correspond to the rise of the sugars within the plant, and many cultures still wait for certain times in the lunar cycle to harvest and to plant based on the phases of the moon.

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Women and the Moon

For many women, the new moon marks the beginning of the menstrual cycle that like the moon often moves on a 28-day sequence. For those who flow with this pattern, the ovulation time would come with the full moon, a time of festivities and gatherings. In Judaism, women gather on Rosh Kodesh to honor the new moon and gather together. In tribal societies where women lived closely together, as was the case in the times of Abraham, the women of childbearing age often cycled together and were set apart during this time. It is believed that many secret truths about life were shared among them at this time. Menstruation, and birth being some of the deepest mysteries of creation and existence.

It is believed that until the introduction of modern-day contraceptives and other forms of control over the natural cycle such as the use of tampons and other regulatory products that most women could time their fertility with the moon. Today, however, especially in our culture, many women have lost touch with the sacred connection their bodies have with the heavens and the earth.

How Menstruation is Viewed

For some time now I have been wondering about the prevailing cultural view on menstruation, womanhood and mother earth! The more I have continued my yoga practice over the years the more I have found a greater connection to my body. The greater this connection the more I have been sensitized to the adverse effects unnatural products and behaviors have on this deep connection.

All of this has led me to reflect greatly on what I have discovered to be the sacred mysteries of womanhood. The mysteries of the red tent and the lost connection woman have as a Kula or tribe. In this, I have noticed that in the attempt to suppress the flow of menstruation and regulate it through artificial means we have moved further and further away from our holy and divine connection to mother earth and each other. In fact, it is a very important aspect of not only being a woman but of our legacy as a physical being- having been created and born of our ancestors.

Though rather than honor, this sacred time in reflection and gathering with other women we often feel shamed, dirty and try to suppress the flowing energy and dam it up! We hold it back with elaborate means, often with use of harmful chemicals and unnatural compounds.

Womanhood as Power

What does this lead to on a subconscious and even conscious level? It is holding back our power! The mysterious power of life. The sacred power of being able to give birth is tied to the time of flowing like the ocean, cycling like the moon and the seasons. This is the mystery of womanhood which comes from the time in the red tent, a time of reflection on what it means to live and die. Birth, rebirth, death, change, transformation.

To damn up the flow during this time energetically decreases your power. If the prana or chi is being stopped artificially or the energy is being reversed or kept from moving stagnation begins to occur. In yoga, we strive to move our energy, keep the issues from storing in our tissues. I share this because it is a great concept to consider.

By holding back this sacred energy we are not completely joining in on a very meaningful and important time and ritual of life. This flow is what grounds us to mother earth and this planet. This is what can allow for greater harmony in the 2nd chakra and our emotional bodies. This is why we as women do not do inversions during this time in yoga! We avoid inversions during the time of the flow to prevent disrupting the need for purification and release. So, on the next new moon, or whenever your moon cycle finds you. See if you can honor this energy and allow it to flow. Take time to feel powerful and beautiful. Know that you are participating in an ancient tradition and lineage that is holy and amazing!


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