Less Is More: Minimalism As A Life-Changing Style…

Less Is More: Minimalism As A Life-Changing Style

Simplicity, moderation, and purity – these three words seem so simple and yet they represent the key to understanding minimalism as a way of life. The definition of minimalism is best explained with the well-known phrase ‘less is more’ and introducing it into your life means you are ready to make a big change. Follow these tips to ensure a stress-free life for yourself and your family, filled with positive energy and good vibes.

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Less is More as a Life Motto

Intertwining minimalism principles in every aspect of your life will bring you peacefulness and tranquility. Creating a space that will inspire you to relax and make your home a serenity sanctuary will ensure that you don’t forget about your needs and wants because of your busy lifestyle. Relying on ‘less is more’ phrase as a life motto, you will create an oasis of your home, where you can recharge your batteries and prepare for the days ahead while enjoying time spent with your loved ones.

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De-Clutter to Clear Your Mind

To introduce minimalism in your life you have to, well, keep it simple. That means you should surround yourself only with necessities that have a purpose or mean something to you. Obviously, the first step is getting rid of the clutter that piled up over the years. The key to a perfect minimalistic interior is in using only a few pieces of furniture and several decorating items to create a cozy, comfortable space. Cleaning out your home and getting rid of the clutter has a symbolic meaning as well – cleaning the house equals clearing the head. The process of throwing away, donating or selling unnecessary belongings should motivate you to clear your mind of all negative memories and inspire you to let go of the material possessions in order to lead a more peaceful life.

If you are considering reusing old items or giving them another purpose, don’t hesitate to do so. Finding beauty in an old piece of furniture means that you cherish what you have not only because of its looks – it means that it has a certain meaning to you.

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Be Honest with Yourself

If you surround yourself with less, you will concentrate more on meaningful things such as getting to know your true self. Become completely honest with yourself, accept all your flaws and work on them. The best way to do so is to spend some time alone with your thoughts without being distracted. It would be great if you could hide electronic appliances (that are the main source of distractions) in your home by making a versatile shelving system so that you can completely concentrate on yourself.

Make Your Home a Blank Canvas

When it comes to choosing the right colors – opt for a light color palette. Choose neutral, pastel or earth tones for your home in order to achieve purity and simplicity. These calming shades are great because they represent a blank canvas in a minimalistic home where you can start painting a picture that portrays your personality as well as your character.

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A Personal Touch

Add a splash of color and avoid sterile, all-white look by adding colorful decorative accents and fluffy pillows. Make sure you have a few leafy houseplants to inspire you to reconnect with nature. Find inspiration in Japanese Zen gardens to create your own personal sanctuary where you can practice mindfulness without being distracted and start the search for your inner peace. Decorate your home with few Zen-inspired pieces, nature finds such as rocks, stones, crystals, small tree branches.

Whenever you are home, light scented candles to achieve a positive atmosphere and good energy flow that will motivate you to relax. Get rid of the curtains, open windows often to let the fresh air circulate through space and take deep breaths – it is time to learn to love yourself.

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Adjusting your home to a minimalistic approach doesn’t mean you should only concentrate on your interior and personal introspection. You shouldn’t avoid being eco-responsible while de-cluttering and cleaning out your home. You should strive to connect with nature around you and therefore you should do whatever you can to keep it clean and healthy. That means that you should reduce the amount of rubbish, reuse what you can (give a new purpose to old furniture pieces) and recycle recyclables.

Hire reliable junk removal services to take care of the things you no longer need. Call your friends and let them take what they need or want from the unnecessary pile. Share your excessive possessions and minimize everything. By accepting minimalism as a way of life you will create a life of simplicity, moderation, and purity. It is never too late to change your life for the better and surround yourself with positivity!


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