5 Crucial Tips For Self-Care In Turbulent Times…

5 Crucial Tips For Self-Care In Turbulent Times

*This article was written at the start of the pandemic*

We’re living in a time like no other.

In the span of a few weeks, the world as we knew it has changed. With it, our perception of “reality”. And, as it happens when we’re in the eye of the storm, we don’t know yet how things are going to look like in some weeks from today.

An incredible wave of turmoil and fear has been unleashed as a consequence. News and social media share sad and overwhelming information, some of them completely untrue, some of them arguable. Most of them of no real use other than to spread panic and yes, more fear. Since it’s not easy to know what’s true with complete certainty, we need a clear mind to be able to make solid decisions, for ourselves and our loved ones. The mind can operate better when fear is not in the way. Fearful thinking is responsible for unclear thinking, inappropriate behaviors and decisions, frequently dictated by the need to try to protect yourself from others (see the toilet paper hoarding…is that really going to save anyone?).

Are your choices currently based on love or fear? Think it through before you answer this one. The best way I know to balance out fear is by connecting with my heart – and possibly stay there and go back there as frequently as possible. At least as much as one would take trips back and forth to the fridge to soothe anxiety. 🙂

In your heart, there’s compassion, trust, hope, courage, and love. And that’s really what can keep you balanced right now. I’m suggesting here some minimal self-care practices for turbulent times. This is what I’m doing every day to keep myself aligned with the highest vibes possible.

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1) Express gratitude

Gratitude is the fastest known way to get into your heart space because when you’re truly grateful, you can feel it. And there’s so much we can all be grateful for. Focusing on gratitude takes your mind away from all the negativity that sucks your energy away. Please be mindful of this. This is very important.

2) Be in the moment

After all, that’s all we really have…even more so now.

I refocus on the present moment every time I realize that my mind is wandering and creating a future of unknown darkness. That’s not helpful. At all. If you struggle with this, I find grounding to be a very useful tool. We all spend a lot of time in our minds (or staring at some screen) and very little in our bodies.

Simply stand or walk consciously (meaning while being present to what you’re doing) on the floor, the grass in your backyard, the tiles on your balcony or the soil of the garden. Think of it like becoming aware you have roots, just like trees do, but they’re energetical more than physical. Alternatively, lay down on the floor for a few minutes. Our bodies are crossed by energy channels that need to be balanced and laying down helps to let the built-up discharge through the earth.

3) Meditate

It can only take 5 minutes really. Paying attention to your breath is an easily doable form of meditation. Become aware of it (is it fast or calm? is it deep or shallow?) and work your way to a deep, slow, gentle breathing. When we’re caught in fear, we tend to breathe in a shallow and incomplete way. So in this way, you’ll stop the monkey mind while bringing more oxygen in your body and brain. Which in turn makes you more energic and focused.

4) Watch your thoughts

This comes full circle with the other ones. I don’t know how many times I’ve received this message when exploring my Akashic Records!

What you think influences everything. Your choices, your actions, your mood. You create what you think of, to some degree or another. And you’re always thinking. So if that’s responsible for your reality, I believe it’s really worth it to keep our thoughts in check. When you begin to listen intently to your thoughts, you will learn a lot about yourself and possibly why you feel how you feel and a lot of other interesting things. This is too big of a topic to be told here, however – think at your mind like a radio. Make sure you interrupt the war bulletin in your head every so often and choose a more encouraging, loving, positive station to listen to. I can assure you you will notice the difference!

5) Disconnect to reconnect

As a last vital step, look at how you spend your time.

Refrain from checking the news and your feed every five minutes. No one has enough mental strength right now to handle such a constant shower of negativity. Plan to do so maybe once or twice a day. Rest assured that if something really important has to reach you, it will. Instead, do something that gives you joy. Read a novel, listen to uplifting music, play with your kids or pets if you have any. Dance, do yoga, stretch, cook, write, draw, make music…creativity feeds into everything beautiful we possess as human beings.

Nourish yourself with everything beautiful you can think of.

If anything, this is a great time to finally open the proverbial drawer where the dreams you never had time for are stored…what are you going to do with it?


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