How To Use Mindfulness To Combat Health Anxiety…

How To Use Mindfulness To Combat Health Anxiety

There are many tricks to combat anxiety, but not everyone handles anxiety in the same way. And when it comes to health anxiety, there can often be many triggers, with fewer methods of relief. Health anxiety is a term used to describe a few different types of anxiety, from worrying that you have a health condition, fear of going to the dentist or white coat anxiety, and it can take many different forms.

Learning to combat health anxiety can help you with normal everyday things, such as doctors appointments and dental checkups, and even larger issues in the long run. With this in mind, here are some proven ways that you can use mindfulness to combat health anxiety.

A run, jog or just a simple walk

These help a lot of people with their anxiety as it distracts them from their thoughts. If you are not exactly the athletic type then considering a walk in the countryside will certainly help take your mind off things. Either one of those exercises will help as it distracts you from what you are thinking about and can make you appreciate what is around you. The countryside is a wonderful place and not only does it help you forget about your worries but it also takes you away from the noisy city flooded by the pollution of cars.


You might have never done it before but this definitely could help you with your anxiety. It is something that is recommended by many mental health experts as well as those who do suffer from it. There are many guides on the internet that can help you with meditation or even downloading an app for your phone can help you deal with it. Meditation improves your concentration, self-esteem as well as lowering the levels of stress and anxiety.

Doodle or art

You do not need to be an artist for this as there are many pieces of art you can do that does not require much skill. For example, paint by numbers could be something that you should try to distract those thoughts about your dental treatment that you are having later on in the day. A colouring book is something that might not exactly be aimed at the older generation but again can certainly help you. The satisfaction you get when you complete something is great so a simple colouring book is a thing that you might want to consider.

Have a break from technology

This is a great coping mechanism for anxiety. Technology, especially our phones with social media can be extremely toxic as well as a knock on your self-confidence. Influencers are probably the worst people to follow on social media when you are feeling down about yourself or just not happy with the way you look. Nowadays, iPhones give you an update every week on how much screen time you have spent on your phone. So if you spend roughly five hours on your phone a day, try and reduce that to four hours a day or even lower. We do not need our phones to be happy, it is just a great way to communicate. So put your phone down and go exploring or even read a book instead.

Household tasks

Another great way to distract yourself from any negative thinking that you have going on and is very easy to do. If your desk is looking a bit disorganised or cluttered then tidy it up, sort all those pieces of paper out, and put them in folders. Put the pens back in the tub at the side and give the desk a good wipe down. That is just a simple ten-minute task that can help you feel more organised. Maybe tidy your bedroom, putting away those clothes that were just thrown on the floor. Then get the hoover out and pick up all the bits and pieces of fluff that make your floor look filthy. Make your bed and open the curtains. Giving a room a thorough clean is always good to ease your mind.

Write everything down

Another good coping mechanism recommended for people with anxiety. If you notice you have got nothing to do until you are meeting your friends and you notice you are going deep into thought with your anxiety, then get the journal out. Write down everything that you have done so far for that day and maybe even write down your thoughts and feelings at the time. A journal is a great way to vent your negative thoughts without telling anybody. If you have got a journal, maybe a whiteboard to jot down your ideas or write down what you are planning to do that day. However, make sure you do not set too many tasks to do throughout the day as this could trigger your anxiety and that is something you are trying to avoid.

Relax, you are doing fine

These are just a few different ways to cope with your anxiety and some will work better than others. Do not push yourself too much and set your standards too high. We all have goals that we want to achieve but we all achieve them at different times.


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