How To Practice Mindfulness In Distance Learning…

How To Practice Mindfulness In Distance Learning

2020 was one of the years that we would all like to forget. The entire world was talking about the improvement of physical health, vitamins, immune system, etc. Unfortunately, the same trend has remained until today. Living under pressure is a challenging thing. People are not only afraid of the consequences that a virus can potentially make for their physical health, they also worry about their financial stability. When constant uncertainty is present, the mental power of people reduces. That is the reason why practicing mindfulness is something people should actively do.

Yet, during the period of distance learning, something like that becomes a bit challenging. The rules of new normality change the way of how they can reach their goal. Fortunately, advanced technology, on the other hand, makes things easier. However, those benefits will only be available to people that know how to use online technology properly.

Turn on relaxing music and listen

People sometimes don’t want to practice mindfulness because they do not know much about it. However, the good news is the entire process is quite simple. In some cases, the only thing you should do is get your headphones, turn on relaxing music, and listen.

People that live in villages or mountains are lucky. They can go outside, sit in their garden, and close their eyes. They should enjoy the moment and listen to the sounds that come from nature. On the other hand, people in urban areas will have to use different streaming platforms. There are many pieces of relaxing music and natural sounds online that can be helpful. This will create an opportunity to forget about all the problems you have for a couple of minutes.

Usage of adequate breathing methods

Do people breathe appropriately? It seems that answer to that question is no! People often do not use their diaphragm when breading.

This is why we should use different methods to improve the quality of how we breathe. One of the tools you can use is different calm breathing gifs. It is an excellent way to practice mindfulness in distance learning. However, YouTube is also full of different teachers that share some helpful tips. One of the breathing techniques that people can practice is the Wim Hof Method.

To get started, you should open your windows and let the fresh air inside. Then lay down or sit in a comfortable place. Turn on the video and follow them carefully. Of course, it is recommendable to keep the eyes closed during the breathing session. That is the best possible way to practice mindfulness. People can benefit from that method in different ways. First of all, oxidation of the body will bring them different physical benefits. However, during the breaks (check the video), they are keeping the breath and enjoying the moment of silence. The only thing people will hear is the sound of their heart rate. Practicing Wim Hof three times a day will improve their mental health.

Practicing yoga at home

Before the pandemic, things were a lot easier for people that wanted to practice yoga. There were many yoga centers where people could practice their mindfulness. However, as we all know, things are a bit different now. Fortunately, people have two options. One option they have is to check yoga exercises online. Online ten minutes of morning yoga can bring them the necessary energy for the entire day. On the other hand, many yoga teachers had to change their way of working. Because of that, they are using different communication tools like Zoom to connect with their customers.

The main advantage of yoga is simplicity. People do not have to purchase additional equipment for practicing. They only need to ensure a comfortable place where they could practice and silence.

Practicing meditation

According to different researches, meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. People need a moment of silence where they can relax and concentrate at the same time. However, during distance learning, going to different places to practice meditation is impossible. That is the reason why checking out different online meditation guides would be an excellent option. On the other hand, some people like to hang out a bit more. They should use the same method as people that practice yoga. They can gather with other people through different communication tools and practice meditation together. However, people should carefully choose meditation partners. The purpose of meditation is not only to calm your mind. It also serves as an excellent moment to spend more time with yourself. That is the reason why partners, in this case, need to be people that have the same goal as you. They should not be a distraction!

Reading mindfulness books

According to PewResearch research, around 27% of US adults do not read a single book yearly. Unfortunately, the reading habits of people around the world are not excellent. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t find an adequate book and practice mindfulness in distance learning in that way. The instructions do not always have to come in the video format. People can read different types of mindfulness books and find out new tricks in that way. In most cases, those books are written by experts in that field. Because of that, they can be sure the tips they get are going to be valuable for them.

Final thought

These five pieces of advice will help people learn how to practice mindfulness in distance learning. The improvement of mental power lasts forever. Of course, the current situation in the world is making things a bit more challenging. However, there are also available options thanks to online technology. Because of that, people should use them and continue improving their mindfulness. Strong mental health directly influences the power of our immune system. The combination of mental and physical health improvements is the only way to protect yourself from any potential health issue. These five tips may be the first step you should make.


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