Here Are 6 Mindful Ways To Unwind

Hectic schedules, insurmountable situations, obnoxious colleagues or boss, or all of the above – imagine all these in a day. At the end of the day, we all seek sanctuary and peace. Some instantly turn to social media to vent out or do what they call to unwind. Others turn to stress eating, digging on fast food or anything that they begin to crave, and oftentimes they only result to an unhealthy response to your strained body and mind. While I’ve got nothing against social media and I still enjoy burgers and fries, they’re basically not the best way to detoxify. So before you dive into another round of your unhealthy de-stressing routine, check out these mindful ways to effectively relax after work.

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Artify Your Night Life

Drawing, painting or writing are proven and tested to be effective and satisfying ways to let those negative emotions and thoughts out. Be creative and reward yourself with your own masterpiece. If you think you’re never born to be a writer, that’s okay. A lot of us have thought so one way or another. Pour your heart out into words. Explore your own world and put it down on writing. Talents are also made, that’s why trying out new stuff could lead to a self-discovery you never imagined you had in you.

Cultivate Your Spirit

For those who have green thumbs, this is a perfect way to transition to night mode. When you’re in an apartment, getting yourself a garden can be quite challenging space-wise. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow plants. As long as you have a window, that would be enough. With the right plants for your place, gardening alleviates stress and anxiety through the activity and the plants’ effects on our well-being.

Amplify Your Soul

It’s been claimed and proven numerous times that music has psychobiological effects. Acoustic and instrumental music has good – if not the best – effects to those who need to cope with all the pressures at work. Avoid listening to rather depressing songs even if they’re the hottest ones on the chart. Smooth and slow music sends signals to the brain to ease off for the night. New Age music of Enya works best for me. If you prefer an upbeat tone, alternative motivational songs like Sunday Morning and The Lazy Song can help you slack off when you need it most.

Silence Your Worries

Aromatherapy is an age-old practice to uplift the mood, enhance sleep and well-being. The scent, depending on our choice and need, stimulates the brain and are very effective. Sometimes used as alternative medicine, aromatherapy is proven to have healing properties aside from the psychological and emotional effects.

Talk Your Heart Out

With technology, distance is no longer a problem. Social media still poses as the easiest means of communication, but chatting and commenting on each other’s post pale in comparison to actual or authentic interaction. Oftentimes, we prefer to be alone when we relax because that could lessen our tendency to burst, lashing out at the innocent because of a bad day. However, we should not forget the essence of communication and the benefits it brings, compared to dealing with all the stress on your own.

Let Your Mind Wander

Instead of wandering through the chaotic realm of the Internet, why not take refuge in nature? Nature has undeniably profound effects on us the moment we embrace her beauty and serenity. Walking lowers down stress. Taking a stroll in the sea nearby is just as perfect. Listening to the sound of the waves soothes our mind. If you can make it to the sunset, cast all your worries at the setting sun. If this is not possible in your location or you just feel so drained you can’t walk another step, gaze out your window, looking at people going around and about outside. Just allow yourself to get lost in the sea of scenery and nature.

If your room is your immediate haven, get nature inside it by putting up artworks or paintings of nature and other landscapes. Breathtaking pictures that depict cool and soothing colors could instantly boost your mood and uplift your soul, or an image that reminds you of home or your children are just about enough to let your mind drift through memory lane. Things you’ll see on social media will only add up to your frustrations. Stress eating will only add to your stress as you break another self-imposed rule to healthy living. Yoga, jogging and going to the gym are ideal, but if you just want to lie down and detoxify your soul, better start unwinding with these super easy alternatives and experience their beauty and wonder.


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