From #MeToo To ‘Me Now’: Becoming The Divine Feminine…

From #MeToo To ‘Me Now’: Becoming The Divine Feminine

This is for the women who are in the midst of an awakening, who are called to know and embody their sacred feminine power, may it be all of us. Your sacred feminine is calling. Intuition, healing, nurturing, communing with the moon. Wild, passionate, emotions as transient as the sea. You are pulled towards the mystic, the occult, the magic. You start to remember your divine heritage, your goddess, your sensuality, power, and innate knowing of ritual. You have broken open, the dark night of the soul, or the many have left you open, vulnerable and burned. And yet you still rise, like the Phoenix with new gifts to share with a world in need.

You are leaving your domestication, your shame, guilt, false self and inhibitions in the ashes. You rise Anew, reborn to your truth. Once again becoming the alchemist. Your rage and past hurts transmuted into passion and remedies. The inner healer, witch, priestess, goddess, mother, leader is here to be seen, to be lived and to be shared. Her sacred art ready to be relearned and spread like wildfire; burning the old ideas, norms and taboos of patriarchal blasphemy. You see where this society is broken and knowingly smile as it breaks. You and your sisters are the architects of what is being rebuilt.

True, loving, raw, enduring relationships are what you hold by your side. Unafraid to say NO to anything less, your innate worthiness is known and you demand true union. Love, compassion, and women calling their sisters fourth to their best, this is the new way. Gossip, judgement, manipulation burned in the fires you set. You embrace your wild, your muse, your softness and nurturing ways. You run naked in the rain howling to the moon. You tenderly hold a child, a fellow being as they melt into your chest.

You play with magic, casting spells in thought, you feel the World’s sorrows and cry with her.  You speak with plants, trees and the animals. You hear Mother Earth’s cry and bring her people home. You are bold, brazen naked in your truth. Lions and wolves by your side. You honor your cycle, you shed and you cry. Your forgiveness and fluidity run from the rivers of your soul. You are the paradox, the ultimate spiritual gift. You are the divine feminine incarnate, you are the healing our world needs. The New Earth is here and the inhabitants embody the goddess.

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The Divine Feminine and its Power

The Awakening of the Divine Feminine is the remedy to our earth’s healing. More and more Women are being called to know their inner sacredness. The patriarchal system is broken. What is being rebuilt will come from the sisters who acknowledge the calls of their heart. The ones who take the time to go in, who discover their gifts, who seek support along the path and connect with their divinity, they (you) are the solution. In the age of a New Earth it is through the feminine we will find our remedy and become whole and in harmony. When I started uncovering the Divine Feminine, I discovered how poor my perception was of what it truly means to be feminine. I thought it was weak, soft, domesticated. How wrong I was. The gifts of the Divine Feminine are many and accessible to all who seek to embody her.

The Gifts of the Divine Feminine

These are in tune with Nature’s Cycles of Birth, Life and Death – the ability to create life in all forms and to destroy what is no longer needed.

  • The Protector – Energetic protection and the setting of boundaries so her and her loved ones are safe.
  • The Healer – The power of healing, through plants, animals, energy and cutting edge methods. She has healed her pain and now heals others.
  • The Wise Woman – In touch with the void, the sacred silence, the Higher Self, a strong Intuition, in sync with the moon, the cycles of nature and the dream world; knowledge of past lives.
  • The Muse – The creatrix, the artist, the architect of her world. She knows the laws of Attraction, Magnetism, Receptivity, attracting in all that we desire. Keeping the well full so we can give more.
  • The Wild Woman – Uninhibited, passionate, beautiful in her primal state.
  • Mother Earth – Nurturing, loving, compassionate.
  • The Sensual Goddess – Sensual, our pleasure is sacred, our sexuality is life force.
  • The Nymph – Playful and in awe of this world.
  • The Warrior – Bold and fierce, stands for her truth, goes after her desires.
  • The Mystic – A knowing of the unknown, of ancient forgotten knowledge and ritual.

Shakti and the Second Chakra

In the yogic understanding our feminine power — or Shakti-prana — is our ability to create and birth life itself or to turn any dream and vision into reality. Shakti-prana is generated, activated, and stored in our second chakra, known as Svadhisthana, or the seat of the soul located in the the hips, pelvis, womb, and lower back. To open this place we must take risks, open yourself up to create and leave the fear of failure behind. We must clear the blockages caused from our culture so the Divine Feminine, Shakti, can thrive once again. Symptoms of a blocked second chakra include emotions such as jealousy, resentment, depression, exhaustion, feeling stuck, bringing in toxic relationships, not having proper boundaries, giving more than you get and can cause physical conditions such as disease, UTI, ovarian and colon issues, sexual dysfunction, and breast cancer.

Blockages and Clearing Them

Our blocks come from:

  • A masculine culture, having to constantly perform in the workforce.
  • The rational mind that is celebrated and trained.
  • Constantly having to produce, to do more and more.
  • Immediacy, fear of scarcity.
  • The shaming of our body and menstrual cycles.
  • Shaming our intuition and emotions, calling our emotional range bitchy or sensitive.
  • Shame and guilt especially around sexuality.
  • Not having boundaries, giving too much without taking time for self care.
  • How we were brought up, our relationship with our mother, our beliefs about who we are.

To clear the blocks, we must:

  • Study the qualities of the Feminine and experiment living into just one on a daily basis.
  • Study the goddesses, use goddess archetypes to connect on a deeper level with the many faces of the Divine Feminine.
  • Embrace your sexuality and sensuality. Wear red lipstick, dress up in your favorite clothes, wear beautiful perfume and luxuriate in your senses.
  • Practice self love with your body and yoni.
  • Eat high vibrational foods.
  • Connect with your sisters, join a women’s empowerment group, a goddess circle.
  • Go on a retreat geared towards celebrating the feminine.
  • Create a sacred altar dedicated to your own divinity.
  • Write in your journal, record your dreams, be in nature, celebrate all the gifts you have because of the feminine within.
  • Set boundaries, say no to what doesn’t serve you. Be unafraid to disappoint others as you speak your truth.
  • Meditate daily, on your sacral, on your breath, during sex, in nature, with your family, let life become a living meditation.

The Awakening is happening, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are coming alive. Look around, we are in a broken society that is crumbling and you are the solution. In a world of #Metoos let’s become the #MeNow, the Me that knows her whollyness, that knows her purpose and stays steadfast in her truth. Wherever you are in your journey trust that all is unfolding perfectly, dive deep into your sacred feminine, the divinity is already within, the Divinity is you!


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