7 Tips For Your Next Mental Health Day…

7 Tips For Your Next Mental Health Day

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and requires just as much care and attention. Occasionally, a day spent taking care of only yourself, and little else, can act like a reset button for your well-being. A well-executed mental health day can prevent stress from accumulating further and leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and ready to tackle what lies ahead tomorrow. To make the most of a mental health day, heed these helpful tips to spend your day immersed in effective, powerful forms of true self care.

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Nourish your body

If your mealtimes are typically rushed or consist of takeout or grab-and-go options, a mental health day is the perfect opportunity to take your time to prepare nutritious and satisfying meals for yourself. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and even make yourself a special latte or cup of tea in the morning. It may be helpful to take this day to assess your daily routine and make changes where you see fit as well. Take a look at your sleep schedule, exercise regimen and daily supplements. You may find it helpful to make a plan to add calming supplements, such as CBD flower products or adaptogens, or to commit to a new workout routine you’ve always wanted to try.

Be proactive, not reactive

A mental health day shouldn’t serve as a response to already built up tension. Rather, mental health days should be had to prevent stress and anxiety from piling up so high that you are in desperate need of a break. Your mental health should be a priority, and it’s important to schedule time on your calendar before you’re begging for a break.

Make a plan

It can be nice to approach a mental health day with few objectives, but take caution. Hours spent sedentary or aimlessly can actually have the opposite effect for some. While you should avoid completing tasks that feel stressful or demanding, it’s a good idea to plan a few activities ahead of time to give your day a little purpose and structure. Come up with a few things you can do to soothe your worries and relax. Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it’s done with positivity and self care in mind. A mental health day is about giving yourself a break, both from responsibilities and negative self talk.

Target stress

With packed work schedules and personal obligations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A mental health day can include a period of time spent strategizing ways to reduce some of the stressors that you face on a daily basis. You may find it helpful to take care of a few simple tasks that have been sitting on your to-do list, or you could simply make a basic plan to reconfigure your workday for maximum efficiency.

Do nothing

Many mental health days will be spent with no agenda in mind, and that’s exactly what you may need. Sometimes the best course of action is to simply let yourself be without expectation. It isn’t often that you have the opportunity to let yourself truly rest. Aside from basic self-care tasks, try to practice the art of stillness and calm. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, take a nap, listen to a favorite musician, stretch or sit down and meditate.

Indulge (healthily)

Self care has gotten a bad rap in many circles for being indulgent, but the best, and only true, self care aims to nourish, refresh and restore your mind and body. Sometimes self care includes indulgences that can be enjoyed in moderation, but a mental health day designed around unhealthy gratification can defeat the purpose.

Healthy indulgences, such as a long bath, a favorite healthy snack, a new candle for your bedroom, a long walk in nature, your favorite meal or a DIY massage are all ways to treat yourself without compromising your wellbeing. That said, a mental health day can include a few treats or activities purely with luxury or comfort in mind–as long as it’s going to make you feel light, refreshed and fulfilled afterwards.


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