3 Steps To Mastering Your Energy During Uncertain Times…

3 Steps To Mastering Your Energy During Uncertain Times

As I sat drinking hallucinogenic tea at an ayahuasca healing ceremony, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, I was hit with a stark realization. I was never going to fulfill my dreams and my ambitions by continuing to look outside of myself. I needed to look within me, deep within me. To the heart of my personal energy. At that moment I realized – everything is energy.

It’s a fact that continues to impact my life and work 20 years later. I live, breathe, and work from a deep understanding, belief, and knowing that everything is energy. I am energy, you are energy, every single emotion you have is energy.

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How things started for me

All those years ago I had traveled to the Peruvian rainforest as part of my apprenticeship with a shaman. I’d been drawn to her work after a chance encounter we had. Within 30 minutes of meeting her she told me all the things I was too afraid to tell myself.

I met her at a time in my life where I was deeply unhappy, I had experienced multiple car accidents, battled chronic illness, and I was exhausted after a long and stressful career working as a banker in the city. Meeting her was truly life-changing. She helped me understand the responsibility I have over my own life – that my inner world was more important than my outer world, and most importantly, that we all have an immense personal energy and power deep within us.

Mastering your personal energy

Connecting with your highest energy allows you to reach your utmost potential in all areas of your life, allowing you to create the miracles you’ve been dreaming about effortlessly and gracefully. Energy is all around us, we can find it everywhere. Your dreams and desires are energy. Even the chair you’re sitting on, the table you eat supper at, your car, your house, the trees, everything is energy. And our job as humans is to really be able to master our own energy, which is made up of our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behaviors, and actions.

Your beliefs are often completely subconscious. They govern how you feel. Your feelings and beliefs lead to your thoughts, and your thoughts create behaviors that color and mold your actions. All of these things come together and create your perception of who you are, of your life, and of everyone and everything around you.

Energetic mastery

Energetic mastery is not a destination. It is a voyage, a journey, an adventure and it never ends, for every level of mastery you achieve there will be another layer to discover. This energetic voyage is about all of you, mastering your human self, your spiritual self, and bringing these two things closer and closer together so you can live more and more from your higher senses, from your vibration of love, from your frequency of being the best you.

It brings a consciousness to you that you are a success in your being without outside forces proving that. It allows you to thrive in every area of your life. Energetic mastery allows you to live your purpose – to be you, an absolute channel for the universal flow. You are the universe making sense of itself as you live in your world.

Here are my 3 steps for mastering your personal energy, even during these uncertain times.

1. Setting your energetic center

The first part of energetic mastery is setting your energetic center. First, call your energy back to you from wherever it is in the Universe. This is most commonly done through meditation. While meditating, settle your consciousness into your midline, the deepest most central part of yourself. Reach into the energy of the Universe, and ground yourself with the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth.

2. Seed a powerful intention in the Divine Matrix of energy

The second step is all about connecting with your highest potential in all areas of your life. Ask yourself, if you could have anything, what would you like to call into your life? What would you like to focus on? What would you like to experience more of? Try journaling around these ideas until you truly feel into them and have an idea of where you are going.

3. Consciously connect with specific frequencies, i.e. joy, wealth, abundance

The last step is about recognizing and connecting with the frequency of your highest potential. You can take specific frequencies of energy such as anger, sadness, or jealousy and transmute them into different frequencies. It’s important to recognize that every difficult, challenging emotion is a distortion of a quality that can support your growth. Anger can translate into motivation and desire, and sadness and jealousy can translate into love. Explore your energetic frequencies and how easy it is to shift and change them with your intention.

And there you have it. My top three tips to master your personal energy. I hope you use these to grow and prosper within these uncertain times.


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