4 Ways To Make More Time For Yourself…

4 Ways To Make More Time For Yourself

Each new day brings something new that needs to get done. Between work, family, friends and household chores, your day is probably full from the minute you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night.

Although a busy life can be enjoyable, it can become unhealthy if you never get any time to recharge. Constantly working to meet the demands of others can be draining physically, mentally and spiritually. The best way to restore this energy is to purposefully make time for yourself. By being kind to yourself and allowing plenty of time to do the things that make you feel happy, you can live a healthier and more balanced life. If you’re hoping to add some “me time” to your week, you’re off to a great start! Here are four ways you can make more time for you — even when life gets busy.

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1) Set Your Intention

It’s difficult to stick to any positive life change if you don’t have a reason for doing it. If you want to start making more time for yourself, begin by committing to your intentions. Ask yourself this question: “Why do I want to make more time for myself?” Think through your reasoning. Your answers could be anything, though you might include wanting to spend more time with family, wanting to reduce stress or even just wanting to be happier. Once you understand why this goal is important to you, you will be less likely to push personal time aside to deal with other matters. Even though life can always throw new things at you, being intentional will allow you to stay firm in your convictions.

2) Establish Healthy Work/Life Balance

Work is one of the most common barriers that stand between people today and happier lives. Work is important and having career ambitions can be good. But if you’re working too much, you may be putting your health at risk, not to mention your sanity. You can start to make more time for yourself by establishing a healthy work/life balance. Set boundaries for your work by choosing a strict time to set work aside every night. Avoid checking your email or taking work calls after hours and take vacation days when you can. Consider setting other goals as well, such as going a week without discussing work at the dinner table.

Even if work is a huge part of anyone’s life, it shouldn’t consume you. Recognize that what happens outside of work is just as important as what’s going on in the office.

3) Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Some parts of day-to-day life just can’t be avoided. No matter how much you work to make space for yourself, you’ll still have to pay the bills, wash the dishes, go grocery shopping and cook the food that keeps your body running. In order to make more time for yourself, find ways to streamline your process. For example, if you find yourself dreading the time you spend cooking every night or skipping healthy meals for fast food, consider prepping your meals ahead of time. By choosing just one day of the week to prep a few meals, you can save time later on and help ensure that the food you’re eating is healthy.

As you find ways to make your life more efficient, also think about ways you can make chores more relaxing for yourself. Instead of gritting your teeth and powering through that laundry, try to make your routine maintenance something more positive. Turn on a favorite podcast or simply be mindful about your actions as you work, instead of letting your mind get carried away with stressful thoughts.

4) Schedule Time for Yourself

Sometimes setting a schedule is the only way we’re able to make ourselves stick to a routine. If you schedule your chores, work, and other obligations, why not do the same for your downtime? When you set your weekly schedule, block out time that you will spend just for yourself. When that time arrives, don’t allow anything to get in the way of it. If you’re worried you’ll abandon your plan when seemingly more important things arise, try this: schedule specific downtime activities like yoga or a trip to the park with your dog. By setting specific expectations, you’ll be more likely to follow through than if you had used vague terms.

Although it may seem a little excessive, treating the time you set aside for yourself as an important appointment can help you prioritize your spiritual and mental health, even when life gets busy.

Ready to Make More Time for Yourself?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day life, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. In the end, your own well-being is more important than anything else. Make sure you give yourself the time and attention you deserve.


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