4 Steps To A Magical Morning Routine…

4 Steps To A Magical Morning Routine

How I found a morning routine to be helpful in managing my anxiety and depression.

There was a period in my life where waking up in the morning was a real struggle. The dawn of the day marked the remembrance of my troubles and worries. Before my eyes fluttered to open, my mind was flooded with a surge of negative thoughts, my heart became heavy as it sank into my chest and worry drenched every cell in my body. I wanted to pull the covers up over my head and drift back into the unconsciousness of my being- where my worries and troubles did not exist.

My aversion to mornings put me in a salty mood, which unavoidably followed me around all day. I needed something to snap me out of my morning funk- something stronger than coffee. Thus, the creation of My Magical Morning.

Below are four things that I started doing every morning which transformed my relationship with mornings from dreadful to divine.

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1. “Today is Magical”

Say this phrase 5 times, with feeling, before you get out of bed.

I found that the first thing I was saying to myself in the morning, before my little eyes even fluttered open to the morning light, was “Oh cr*p, it’s morning again. Another day of this sh*t.” This was literally how I started each day and this phrase is what set the tone for my day. I was, unknowingly, sabotaging my day before it even began. So I set a little note with my alarm, a reminder, that said “Today is Magical” with some stars and hearts emojis (the unicorn had not yet debuted). From that day on, each morning, when my alarm would wake me up, I was kindly reminded that Today is Magical.

*Other options might be- Today is the best day of my life. I love my life. My life is fabulous and fruitful….. You get the idea.

2. Meditation

Start with 5 minutes and work your way up as you see fit. There are many different forms of meditation and apps available to support your journey; sit in silence, follow your breath, visualize yourself being filled with love, or chant mantras, play around and find one that best serves you.

3. Visualization

I like to tack this step onto my meditation since I’m already sitting with eyes closed, and typically feeling relaxed and receptive. I spend about 5 minutes visualizing, in as much detail and with as much feeling as possible, having all of my hearts desires; frequently creating a big ol’ smile across my face.

4. Affirmations

You’ve likely heard about affirmations and the claims made about their benefits. I was once a skeptic myself and I avoided them like vampires avoid daylight. But the relentless buggers kept following me around; hiding out in books, making surprise guest appearances in movies and blurting themselves out in conversations. Eventually, I surrendered to their persistence and now I am an avid believer in powerful magic of affirmations. Write them out as though every word you are writing is the truth, and in time, it will be your truth.

I took great delight in experimenting with various activities and fine-tuning the details to create the perfect morning routine for my needs. I encourage you to do the same- have fun with this, play around with different options and fine-tune until you find a Magical Morning Routine that fits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

I didn’t always dread mornings; there was another time in my life when I was having a magical love affair with them. I would wake up in the dark hours of the early morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean. I would sit quietly, in solitude, grateful for the stillness of the early morning; with sand between my toes as the gentle sea breeze would softly kiss my cheeks. Mornings and I, we had a real romance going on- it was the real deal kinda love. But when the seas of life got rough, and I was relentlessly tossed around as waves crashed over me, sometimes pulling me under, I found it difficult to catch my breath, hard to stay afloat. My Magical Morning Routine became my personal flotation device and through maintaining a daily routine I have become more buoyant and resilient when facing rough seas.

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