How Love Dissolves Fear And Worry

Fear, worry, guilt, shame, and low-self esteem are all learned behaviors. They are emotions born from acquired and negative/incorrect thought patterns. Our beliefs arise from the ways our ancestors responded to the challenges of their time. Our parents reinforce those patterns as do our teachers, friends, and culture.

What we should be asking ourselves is who are we when we strip away those negative beliefs. Who am I when I am not busy trying to fit in and belong to a group of others who are also busy with their thought-patterns and pretend personalities? Who am I when the parts of who I am not are distilled away and only my Essence remains?

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Our Own Essence

Finding our Essence was the prime objective for the ancients who taught the maxim “know thyself”. Socrates said that we make ourselves look ridiculous when we try to know obscure things before we know ourselves. We try to solve the mysteries of life with our thinking when it is our thinking that has created the illusion that we are limited beings. Our thinking forgets we are infinite consciousness.

As such, we are connected to the power and Essence of the Divine. Our thinking is what has constructed or adopted the thought-patterns that we have something to be afraid of, angry at, worried about, not good enough for, etc. etc. Our Essence is at the level of Soul, which is beyond time and space, beyond our individual ego-laden mind.

Our Essence is free of ancestral influences and social prejudices. It lies at the heart of what Jung called our biological truth. It is beyond the collective subconscious and is in the realm of the Collective Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious, as the Source of consciousness, is always guiding us back to itself. It is both friend and foe; the friction of duality; the source of inspiration, imagination, and depression; the light and dark; our constant companion that works tirelessly chipping away at the rust of illusion that covers our eyes to the royal divinity of our True Essence.

Being One with the Divine

If we have not brought to our mind’s attention and integrated all our fears and prejudices, how can we merge into the Oneness of the Divine? How can the Divine allow us to enter Heaven’s Gate if we show a fake ID? We can’t show up with a handful of passports, one for each of our personality projections.

We need to arrive at the Divine with a passport filled with blank pages, ready to be stamped with the unexpected and sublime. The Divine recognizes its own by those who are blank of ego—blank pages to be stamped with visas to places our mind can never imagine.

The walls of the human heart press against the Divine like a stethoscope. When we listen carefully, we can hear that small intuitive voice that is ready and eager to help us find our way back to ourselves. Our heart will always lead us to the exact event or situation we need to experience. Each earthly experience chips away at the stubborn layers of thought-patterns. Our problems are only thoughts externalized. Behind our thoughts is a perfect Universe. Our challenge is to create the habit of listening more to the voice of the Divine and less to the chatter of mind.

Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations is one way to help us over-ride negative mind-chatter. As soon as we hear our mind respond negatively to a situation, we can repeat something positive in its place. For example, if our mind expresses fear or self-doubt we can immediately repeat silently to ourselves, “I am courageous” or “I trust the Universe supports me,” etc.

Positive affirmations help us form new habits of thinking and convince our mind that our problem is only a mental construct with no power of its own to hold it into place except for our repetitive thinking about it. Positive affirmations also reassure us that our Essence is a beloved part of the One Infinite Divine Field of Love. That Field is all-powerful and all-intelligent, free of worry, despair, and fear and, therefore, so are we.

There is always Divine Perfection even in our wrong thinking. Therefore, there is never a reason to be hard on ourselves. Our wrong thinking shows us the power of our thinking even when misapplied. It teaches us to stop thinking about anything that does not lead us to our Divine Essence. When our thinking is only about light, the darkness disappears on its own. In the same way, Love, the source of Essence, dissolves fear, worry, hate, and all negative thoughts that hold us in bondage in the physical world instead of embracing our spiritual royalty.

We are not here to be safe. We are not here to live forever. Nor are we here to carry the burden of life on our shoulder. We are here to learn to surrender all our fears and live life with joy and enthusiasm and to cooperate with the Divine’s plan of revealing our True Essence to our True Self.


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