6 Signs You Live In A Healthy Environment…

6 Signs You Live In A Healthy Environment

Do you live in surroundings that lift you up or, on the contrary, bring you down? When the place where you live brings you joy and comfort, and you can definitely call it home, then the environment you live in is healthy. But what exactly does it mean? How does your environment affect you?

When your home is filled with positive energy, and you feel content with your surroundings, it is a healthy environment. But if your house is swarmed with negative energy, and all you do is complain and mope about everything is a sign of a toxic environment.

So how to choose a house so it can be a place of your inner power? Here are the seven characteristics of a house that builds up good energy and a healthy environment.

1. Good vibes

It is important to live in a space where you can be yourself and comfortably come to terms with who you are. A house with a good vibe is a house with good energy. A house filled with misplaced clutter can cause a feeling of overwhelming and negativity. This is not good energy for your house. This space is likely to bring out the worst in you. There has to be a lot of focus on what is good in life. This energy spreads like wildfire. There are various practices to create good vibes in your house, including placing plants, diffusing essential oils, and lighting candles.

2. Floor plan & Layout

The room layout plays a big role in our emotional state. The type of floor plan you have in your house will affect your mood, no doubt about it. If you have a spacious layout where everything seems symmetrically or logically placed, it is a rather serious sign of a healthy environment. If your floor plan feels limited or small, this could be a sign of a toxic environment. This type of layout can create chaos in a person’s life that drains all their energy, emotions, and spirit.

3. Nice Decor

The choices we make about the decor, furnishing, and art to fill the space also define the environment. When you have cozy clutter around you – soft pillows, a matching rug, and a couple of dog figurines on the mantelpiece – it will warm your heart and soul as well. Just like that, if you prefer minimalism, you can also decorate your house. Even a couple of photo frames will bring up good memories, thus, good vibes. Your walls can reflect your personality and the essence of who you are, too. But what if your walls are covered with images that you are unhappy with? Paint them. But be creative, especially when adding colors. Repeat the process as many times as you want. It’s not about perfecting the artwork; it’s about expressing yourself, expressing your inner thoughts and aspirations.

4. Comfortable Amount of Light

What kind of light sources are you comfortable with, and how much do you enjoy the outdoors? The location of furniture near the balcony and the kitchen windows allow you to take advantage of the natural light during the day and let in natural, glowing light from the fireplace in the evenings. This combination helps create a homely atmosphere.

5. Smells & Sights that Please Your Senses

It’s important to understand how your surroundings influence you. Sights and smells are the base of your mood – whether you meet the day with a beautiful sunrise in your window or go to bed with the light smell from lavender soap. Decorate your house or apartment with curtains or tapestries, pick scented candles with your favorite smells, or put aromatic sachets in drawers.

6. Reflection of Your Personality

These are some things you can ask yourself to find out how your environment impacts your life and how to decide which house to buy. As you understand more about your lifestyle, you will naturally come up with more choices when it comes to designing your home. Is your house a place where you can connect with your inner child? A place where you can relax, unwind, and be yourself? As a person, you should make sure that the house you live in reflects your personal qualities and sensibilities. A home is a place where you will naturally want to live, and you should have enough space in your house to spread out.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of other questions that you can ask yourself to pick a house that suits you most and make it homely. The physical aspect of a house plays a huge role in your well-being. That doesn’t mean it should be overly decorated. It should reflect your personality, send good vibes, and make you feel happy when you get back.


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